Game of Thrones season 7 will drop on the 16th July and I can not wait. Because I am a genius at these things, I thought that I would make a few predictions as to what I expect to happen in the series. It is worth pointing out, it was really hard for me to … Continue reading PREDICTIONS: GAME OF THRONES – SEASON 7.


2017…… YAY

Well, 2016 is basically over - sure there is one month left but thinking about how quickly November went, don't kid yourself, it will feel like tomorrow is January. And that gets me excited, no - not because 2016 (a year which History WILL definitely not be kind to) was full of surprises with Britain … Continue reading 2017…… YAY

Predicition for The Walking Dead 

DISCLAIMER - SPOIlER AND THERE MAY BE A FEW MISTAKES WITH NAMES AND THAT IS JUST BECAUSE I WANT THIS OUT BEFORE THE PREMIERE.   The question on everyone's lips. The thought on everyone's mind is ..... who did Negan kill? Well, I thought in this post I would do something a bit different and … Continue reading Predicition for The Walking Dead