RANKED The Comic Book Films of 2016

OK, so don't judge me. Considering 2016 is over, and with the new trailer drops of Spider Man Homecoming and Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, I thought it was time to rank the comic book films of the last year. Although, I said I was over ranking comic book films, now I am going back … Continue reading RANKED The Comic Book Films of 2016

RANKED Fast and Furious Franchise 

Before we start I would like to say that I guessed Fast and Furious 8 would have a stupid name. Check it here. I am ranking these on how I feel about the film today. This is because (as you know), a lot of this film series tie into other films, number 3 tying into … Continue reading RANKED Fast and Furious Franchise¬†

2017…… YAY

  Well, 2016 is basically over - sure there is one month left but thinking about how quickly November went, don't kid yourself, it will feel like tomorrow is January. And that gets me excited, no - not because 2016 (a year which History WILL definitely not be kind to) was full of surprises with … Continue reading 2017…… YAY