Avengers: Infinity War was the first film I gave a nine to in my reviews. Since then, like many I have been fixated on Avengers 4, from its story, to how it will bring back the dusted heroes, to hell – even its name, and most importantly when they will bring back the most important character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe- Hawkeye. My last trailer reaction was to the Dark Phoenix back in October and I will be making another post on the Avengers, where I will give my predictions to it and what I think of all the fan theories that are going around. And, I have never been as excited by a trailer since well; the trailer for Infinity War. But, this time, it wasn’t only the hype for the trailer but also for the title – Endgame. This reaction will be talking about what I think about the trailer and my favourite shots.


Well, I am starting this reaction of by saying what hell of a trailer this is. As I explained before-hand, this trailer not only gave us our first look at the sequel but also revealed the title. If I had to put money on a title, I probably would’ve gone for Endgame and I like the history that word has had with the franchise. The trailer itself is actually a masterpiece in advertising, it didn’t give away anything about the film and showed very little but managed to create so much emotion. Marvel did great! I think ultimately, everything we saw in the trailer is from the first twenty minutes of the movie

Ok, so into some analysis of the trailer, and from the off, I am going to tell you that the best scene in the entire trailer is Hawkeye’s/ Ronin’s shot. I could feel his pain, especially with the Cap voice over, and it seemed as though that was the first time Black Widow has seen him in such a long time, and we could see her processing the same change we were as we haven’t seen him since 2016. And although Hawkeye has the best reveal, I think Black Widow gets the most benefit from this trailer as I will go onto explain. And, it got me so excited because, finally it seems Marvel are showing some love to the best character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The reveal itself, looked so cool, and it’s clearly set in Japan which should be an interesting arc.

Image result for hawkeye

Moving into my second point, although he is the last Marvel hero I have seen, I automatically loved the return of Scott Lang. I think Ant-Man is no much better when he his working of other superheroes, and I loved the way he appears as a beacon of hope to save the dusted heroes. How he got out of the Quantum Realm I am not sure, and my theories of him coming out five years into the future seem to be confirmed as false unless of course the Russo brothers filmed more fake shots.

It also looks like an expanded role for Black Widow and Captain America after they basically took a backseat in the third Avengers movie. As I said earlier, Black Widow really did come off with the biggest impact for me, as we got to see most of her and it was clear she was going to play much larger role in Endgame, with her finding Clint, her seeing Scott and her having to explain what Thanos did. Captain America also got some great screen-time as it seems that whatever plan they have to bring back the dusted heroes are being carried out by them.

Image result for black widow endgame trailer

The trailer really is split between Iron Man and Captain America. With Iron Man getting the opening and boy’o’boy has Iron Man got me all confused here. Iron Man is lost in space, after (presumably) the snap, meaning for some reason Nebula has left Iron Man and he is all by himself dying. Of course, I do have a theory as to what will happen as he even name-drops ‘Rescue’, but be sure to look out for my Avengers: Endgame predictions post.

Image result for iron man endgame

And finally onto the heavy hitters of Infinity War. It seems Thanos is using the armour he was wearing to snap half the population into dust as a scarecrow in his farm and Thor is looking as broken as we got to see him in the very emotional scene he shared with Rocket in Infinity War, and I really hope we get to see more of that in this film, because it gives us yet another different Thor. After all, he is as at fault as Thanos, as he wanted to gloat that he finally killed Thanos allowing the good ol’ finger snap.

But, upon reflection the real standout of the trailer, was the line Tony said: “part of the journey is the end”



  1. I think Nebula is on the ship with him although I’m not sure. I am doubting the time jump now myself. So many questions seem to rest with what happened to Scott. Like Hawkeyes not doing to well but Scott seems… awfully Scott like? Especially if Cassie’s been dusted. I can’t help but think he already knows to use the quantum realm.

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