This may be a surprise to some, especially coming from someone who claims to be an ‘aspiring critic’ (although I am currently sitting on two reviews in the past three months…😬), but I don’t review everything I watch, and I watch ALOT. Simply put, I either look to enjoy something or tend to watch something after the popularity is over – *cough* Jupiter’s Legacy (review coming soon).

But a few months ago, I released a short review on the first two seasons of Cobra Kai, and I really enjoyed how freeing it was talking about a show that genuinely shocked me. I spent the past day watching the latest season of ¿Quien Mato a Sara? (Who killed Sara?), and I felt the exact same way once again

A Mexican mystery drama more akin to a soap-opera (in complete honesty), a show I had assumed I would just watch to kill some time, just like I do with other shows like Riverdale. But, what I got instead, blew my socks off.

The 'Who Killed Sara?' Ending, Explained (Plus, the Good News About Season  2) | Glamour

A rich TV series drowsed in mystery, with so much story and so much more to give. And, believe me after the first season I would have never guessed where the show would go. The characters are well developed, as you come to love so many of them even those you aren’t supposed to, there are genuine shocks as characters don’t outstay their welcome, there are massive twists and the show is such easy viewing.

I loved the first season, getting through the first season in two days, it was thrilling, the characters were well developed and there was still so much story to tell but I still felt like it was (ironically) nothing to write a review about!

But after binging the next season in a day, the second season elevates the show, story, and characters to the next level. Introducing massive shocks, that genuinely left me sitting there with my mouth wide open! The show grows so organically as season 2 doesn’t attempt to replicate what the first season does but moves forward with the story and bring in new storylines with characters that have yet to be explored.

The 'Who Killed Sara?' Ending, Explained

Now, I may have over-exaggerated the brilliance of this show because of how much it surprised me, and of course this show still comes with its downsides – a lot of them. There is the typical ridiculous ‘drama’, crazy plot-lines and (at times) bad acting that one would expect with what is essentially a soap-opera. The worst episode happens to be the incredibly over-the-top season finale in which most of what I mentioned occurs.

These are aspects that I choose to overlook because of the amazing story and the characters the show has built. And, because of how much faith I have in the show – especially after the leap from season 1 to season 2. I would happily see another season because I feel like there is still so much story to tell, even though its reached a satisfying and frankly ridiculous ending. And as for the tease for the third season, it would usually be something I would say is too ridiculous to pull off, but I know this show can do it after seeing the leap from season 1 to season 2.

So, if you’re bored over the weekend wondering what you could put on and have ZERO EXPECTATIONS (that part is important). Put on Who Killed Sara, because – WOW! WHAT A SHOW!



      1. No I’m on eps. 4 already and you are so’s VERY good! I just wish it wasn’t dubbed. Sometimes it loses grit when it’s dubbed. I can understand most of the Spanish.. but not all.

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      2. I can do that??? How? by playing with the subtitles/caption thingy on Netflix?? Oh I’ve got to go try now as the dubbing is terrible. I can speak/understand Spanish okay.. sometimes they talk to fast tho so I miss words! ahahhaha but if I can have it subtitled in English – that would be awesome! thanks!

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      3. Sometimes I have to turn them on if they have like crazy accents just to make sure I’m a few words or sentences right.. Like and Irish show or Scottish.. I know they say they speak English.. but.. hahahahha even sometimes Southern or like Southie accents from here.. Because I was raised with parents who had accents, I’m pretty good at detecting where they are from etc.. but sometimes I just want to listen to a show and not watch it intently as well..

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