Netflix's "Bright" is a 2017 feature length film (yes, film!) directed by David Ayer (Suicide Squad), starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. Set in a mystical world, where fairies, elves and orcs live among humans, Bright aims to explore the relationships between these "races". Smith stars as Officer Daryl Ward, an in-debt, struggling father recovering … Continue reading REVIEWED: BRIGHT 6/10 [B-]



2017 has come and gone, sure there is are still two weeks left, but everyone is turning their attentions to next year - making their predictions on films they thing are going to succeed. My predictions will be coming soon, but I thought it would be best to go back over the predictions I made last … Continue reading REACTION: REVIEWING MY 2017 PREDICTIONS.


With Christmas around the corner, the inevitable mid-season finales are rolling in. And boy, it is ABOUT TIME. Before I really start I want to say, that if (the big thing) didn't happen, I would honestly rank this season a 2, don't ask me what the range would be because my ratings are a mess, … Continue reading REVIEWED: THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 8

Ridiculous Moments From… FAN4STIC

Well, it has been some time - and I thought the best way to make a come back was to do another Ridiculous Moments. This time I have chosen, the goldmine that is FAN4STIC [although you can see my "In Defence" of it here]. I have chosen Fan4stic because the one thing that everyone has … Continue reading Ridiculous Moments From… FAN4STIC

REVIEWED: Marvel’s Inhumans (EPISODES 1-5) 4/10 [C-]

I wanted to wait until the season finale to review the entire season of Marvel's Inhumans, but I don't know if I can make it, so I will review episodes 1 through to 5. Now, bare in mind, I only give the first five episodes a C-, and may do an entire review for the … Continue reading REVIEWED: Marvel’s Inhumans (EPISODES 1-5) 4/10 [C-]