Predicition for The Walking Dead 

DISCLAIMER - SPOIlER AND THERE MAY BE A FEW MISTAKES WITH NAMES AND THAT IS JUST BECAUSE I WANT THIS OUT BEFORE THE PREMIERE.   The question on everyone's lips. The thought on everyone's mind is ..... who did Negan kill? Well, I thought in this post I would do something a bit different and … Continue reading Predicition for The Walking Dead 


REVIEWED – Suicide Squad. 6/10

(SPOILER FREE) Suicide Squad seemed like the reckoning for the DCEU. It seemed like it would correct the wrongs of BvS and be the start the DCEU. But I think the one place it failed in was false advertising, the trailers made it seem like it was just crazy. The tone was set as wild … Continue reading REVIEWED – Suicide Squad. 6/10