So; as so many others are doing. I have been recapping the last year and looking forward to next years in recent posts. The first post was films you should be looking forwarding to next year, the second; my most annoying moments of 2018 and the last post was on films that might not have the smoothest of rides next year. This time – I am going to list the films I think the studios should just pull the plug on now, as it is clear it won’t exactly do well. Whether that be because it is a premise no one asked for or because there is no buzz around it at all.



Artemis Fowler just feels destined to fail, a film that has been in development hell for so long; all and any hype for it has disappeared. The first trailer was released a few weeks ago and it wasn’t able to make any real impact. Plus; it has the look and feel to follow all the other Disney less-thans; like Pete’s Dragon, Wrinkle in Time and The Nutcraker and the Four Realms. Plus, it once again feels like another adaptation a few years ago: Ender’s Game, it was able to make an impact back then when it was still fairly recent so it will be hard for Artemis Fowler to mae any real impact even if it does happen to be a beloved film.



I’m not sure if Doom was ever intended to be a runaway success, but just via its track record and its release date it doesn’t look good for Doom. The original was a forgettable flop with a pre-box office success Dwayne Johnson before he became The Scorpion King. Although some hype for the film is surely coming from the actual video game sequel which is also expected to be released next year. And then, to add insult to injury the film is coming out two weeks after Avengers: Endgame and a week after Detective Pikachu which was a similar release date to where Solo: A Star Wars Story.






Although The Greatest Showman somehow became a hit, the upcoming film based on the hugely successful musical isn’t exactly entering the fold on a wave of positivity. Big-screen musical adaptions have all missed the mark recently and Cats has a release date up against Star Wars: Episode IX and Jumanji 3.S o there isn’t much leeway for Cats to make any sort of box office gross. not like there is money in the box office during December anyway


One thought on “2019 FLOPS.

  1. Interesting list, AZ! I do agree with the majority of your list, as you bring up some really good points for why these films could have a difficult run in the box office. My prediction for the biggest flop of 2019 is the movie, After. Its road to the big screen has a similar story to the “50 Shades” trilogy, where an inappropriate story based on fan-fiction became a popular book. However, I have never heard of the After book until this month. From what I can tell, the After trailer seemed to stir up more negative responses than positive. And, to top it off, this movie is premiering the week before Avengers: Endgame, making it very difficult for After to obtain a profit.


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