In this series I aim to defend a film that I either hated or I think a lot of people have a negative mindset of. You can view my defence of JOHN CARTER here, and my defence of GREEN LANTERN here. I am going to defend FAN4STIC


This was the one reason why I was genuinely looking forward to the film. The cast in itself must have been a victory for the studio to get this young, upcoming talented bunch of actors. In the year FAN4STIC came out, Miles Teller starring Whiplash was an Oscar winning film. Kate Mara was a massive reason I loved House of Cards, Micheal B Jordan was just amazing, Jaime Bell was a supporting star, Toby Kebbell was a standout in RocknRolla, War Horse and the Apes franchise.

2] THE FIRST TWO ACTS WERE FINE (set the scene)

Ok, well I look back at the first two acts badly now because they are useless due to the complete change in direction but the first acts do try to set the scene for what was to come (only for the end to become muddled). The film became a mess when there was a time jump and Miles Teller (out of nowhere) changed his face. I really don’t understand what FOX were thinking. They should have cut their loses, let Josh Trank finish his film and release in February. Not 2016 – because Deadpool would have been impacted. But, it was what happened with Jupiter Ascending and it is what FOX should have done for FAN4STIC.


And now they are married. Yay! (Don’t judge me, I’m struggling for points)


Ok – I’m just going to put it out there; I loved the originals. They were great, but many people didn’t like the originals because they fault they were too stupid, that they weren’t serious enough. Well, they got their wish because this film is as dark and as serious and the studio allowed.


**Lets forget Dr Doom looking like a burnt doll.**
But, yeah the special effects weren’t bad, at least FOX spent money on the film even if it was a flop. It is clear that the studio really care and…..

…Who am I kidding – there is no defending this film, it is absolute rubbish. The biggest problem isn’t that the first couple acts teased and built a story up that we never received, the biggest problem isn’t that there are clear cut places where it can be seen the studio intervened, hell – the biggest problem isn’t even what they did to Dr. Doom. The biggest problem is that at the end of the day – FAN4STIC is a useless, pointless film – which you don’t gain anything from, only the reliastaion you have just wasted two hours of your life that you could have done something useful from. I don’t know whether Josh Trank’s version would have been any better, I don’t think there would have been any closure – but I do know I would rather have watched that film because I invested so much time and energy powering through the first acts and then I was presented with absolute rubbish.

And…… breathe.



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