I tend to always look on the bright side of a film. Even if it is a really bad one. My opinion on a film seems to settle after a couple of weeks. As soon as I watch it…. if I feel underwhelmed – I will go on about how bad it was. But, if I loved it – I will go on about how great it was. Nevertheless, after two weeks, my opinion on a film settles.

If I was taking Batman Vs Superman as an example, as soon as I came out of the cinema – I thought it was the biggest load of rubbish I had ever seen. But after two weeks, I chose to only remember Batman kicking ass, Wonder Woman being the best, and the Flash coming from the future, rather than remembering Doomesday. I still remembered the bad stuff, but I also wanted to remember the good elements- elements that in the moment (when I came out the cinema) had totally been overshadowed by me hating most of the film.

This doesn’t only happen when a film is bad, taking Deadpool as an example, when I left the cinema – I thought it was the best film of the year, but after a couple of weeks, I realised it was kind of over-rated. Now, don’t get me wrong, I liked Deadpool but thinking about it now, it wasn’t actually that funny, and not that great.

So, every once in a while, there should be some thought on your opinion of a film. Trying to remember the positive and not the negatives as much. This is a brand new part of my blog, and I am really enjoying thinking about it, so I hope you enjoy reading it. I am going to defend a film, a film that I really hated at the time, and I will try to remember the positives.

So where to start? Upon writing this, I think I have just realised the daunting task I have set out for myself. But I believe that this film wasn’t completely rubbish. I think maybe with another director, and with a better baddie it would have been a good film. I just want to make clear that the only thing that is slacking in this film is the baddie. I do not know what they were thinking, but it has to be the worst baddie I have seen in film in a long time. But in defence of GREEN LANTERN:



The cast were amazing. They have Ryan Reynolds, and no matter what you may say, saying “he wasn’t good before Deadpool”, or that he only ever stars in films that flop, we all have to agree, that he was the best thing in this film, it was like he was the only one trying? His humour was the greatest thing in there, and he was a perfect casting choice. Even the supporting cast were fantastic. I actually really liked the characters. I liked Sinestro, he was a great character. I liked the montage of them training Hal, and that’s pretty much all the names I remember. So, all in all, the characters are likeable and all great casting choices. And, as I’m sure many forgot, Taika Waititi is in this movie!


The tone of the film, I mean c’mon. When was the last time we saw a funny light-hearted DC film. Imagine what is going to happen when they turn Green Lanterns into the DCEU, we are gonna get Hal Jordan, moping about because is ring is “too powerful”, this film doesn’t take itself too seriously and is just chill. I mean, c’mon, it is a funny film, its relaxed and all the characters play into the tone.


It successfully introduces us to THE WORLD. Surely, the plot of Green Lantern has to be one the craziest. But yet, somehow, this film manages to do this well. When we are introduced to this world, it doesn’t seem stupid, and it gives us just enough for us to not feel like we need to see more.


I really don’t like saying this sort of things. (But if I’m being perfectly honest, I’m running out of things to defend this movie.) But, yeah, I’m pretty sure if you ask Ryan Reynolds what is the one thing that he liked about the movie – he would say her.



Compare it to the quality of today and here is a question, if that film got released today, would it have a) flopped? b) been as hated? – especially considering the one problem everyone has with the DCEU is that it is too dark. And c) would it have been as bad? DCEU films aren’t exactly the best at the moment. If you were to compare this film to Man of Steel, as an example, maybe a sequel would’ve been good. The fact of the matter is this film has potential!

Was Green Lantern the best film of all time? No. But it definitely had potential, and I genuinely believe with a different director, and a different villain, it would’ve been a great film, especially if it was released today.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please like and share. Thank you all.




    1. Thanks! Maybe it would’ve done better had it been released now and we could compare it to similar films that have had a villain who sucks, eg: Suicide Squad


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