John Carter was and still is one of biggest flops of all time. But, I honestly do not believe it was a terrible film, I enjoyed it and actually think it is a good movie. But because Disney spent crazy amounts of money on it, it did flop. So, today I will try and defend JOHN CARTER

I have done a bit of research into the film,  because I wanted to know why it gathers so much hate from the internet world. And I found an interesting Reddit article, which you can see here. It appears the people who are so critical of the film are judging it on the promotional campaign that came before it. Now, I was 13, so would be lying if I said I remember the trailers and the film, but I do remember it being marketed as Avatar meets Gladiator, but that being said Dr Strange, was dubbed Matrix meets Inception – and yes, while Dr Strange did have elements in the film incorporated, so to did John Carter. The more I researched the more I discovered people haven't actually seen the movie but are judging it of the trailers – which I do not think is fair. Furthermore, if we judged everything of the basis of trailers, then Green Lantern would've been one of the greatest films of all time.

Well, that is enough of that, and so in defence of JOHN CARTER


Although we might disagree on some of my points, this is something we all have to agree on. Disney spent a ridiculous amount of money to make this the next big franchise, and the visuals show that.They are stunning, especially when you consider that it came out five years ago now.


I thought he was quite good in this film, I liked Taylor in this film, if was after X-Men Origins: Wolverine and before Battleships, and I think he is a good in this film. When reading reviews, the fact that two unknown actors were cast in the main roles was something that people pointed at, saying that they didn't want to watch it because it had no appeal. But, surely there has to be something wrong with that. Disregarding Battleships and True Detective 2, I think Taylor has the potential to be a good actor. Furthermore, an article I stumbled upon stated that one of the reasons the film failed, and why someone in Disney should be answering to questions is because they gave a huge budget film to two unknown actors, which meant that people didn't go. And sadly, this sums up Hollywood and the film industry, if Tom Cruise had been cast as Carter, no doubt, nobody would cry about the 'false' advertising.


I said it in my last ' In Defence Of…' blog but films now-a-days are so dark. This was a fun, cheesy film that was supposed to give a good feeling. Not a film that is dark and twisted, a thriller that encompasses he heart and soul of each character. .I know I copied it from the last one but it is truthful, it is an enjoyable film. And reading some of the reviews I don't think they understood it was supposed to be cheesy


I have not read the books that this film is based upon, but do think it is a nice little treat for any die hard fans of the films


The film is a comedy, it is a family adventure and made me laugh on multiple occasions.

I thought about how to sign this off, maybe talking about how It was Disney's fault for spending too much, or for false advertising, or for not casting names that could attract money. But none of them seemed appropriate. So I thought it was best to leave it with:

Unfortunately, Hollywood is cruel.


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