There is a lot of buzz around The Walking Dead thanks to the recently released Season 8 Comic-Con trailer. To pass some time until the inevitable two episodes of action, four episodes of filler and final two episodes teasing what is to come (nah – this season isn’t going to be like that, it’s gonna be amazing – right?), I thought I would rank the best deaths in The Walking Dead. Of course, some rules are needed:


  • MAIN CHARACTERS. We have to know who they are, these deaths have to be of main characters.
  • ONLY HUMAN DEATHS, it will get too complicated if I included both human and zombie Shane. So no zombie deaths
  • NO CLIFFHANGER DEATHS – that means people like Heath – where we do know not if they are dead or alive are not counted.
  • This is only including deaths up until SEASON 8. That means that nothing that happens in Season 8 is included in this.

It is important to note how I will be ranking these deaths. Of course, the gore will be taken into account, the impact their deaths had on the show and shock factor. All of those will factor in on the ranking process. You can view the same list I did for Game of Thrones right here.

21] OTIS

Don’t know why I remember this one, I know U said main characters but for some reason this has an impact on me. I really came to love Otis. Or maybe, this was when Shane started to lost it and become someone I kind of liked, to an actual villain. Shane shooting him and leaving him behind was unnecessary but showed the first real, human killing human death.


It was a decent death, I liked the way in which it was done. But, at the time I was so over the whole Andrea story line and didn’t really care about Milton. The Governor was the only thing that I still liked about the story line but then his resurrection sort of took away from my impression of him.


Like I said before hand, her story line just became boring to me, so her death didn’t really do anything for me. I only liked Michonne in it, and how we didn’t get to see the death but we still felt it. But, her death wasn’t that big a deal looking back at it now.


Looking back it now, the death wasn’t actually that great. The Governor was the first big bad, and for such a great character, his death was actually quite boring in the scheme of things and not as big a shock as I thought it would be. Maybe it was because we saw him fall from grace and then come back – which made me lose interest in him.


Oh, Negan. I do not know if I should hate you or love you. Thank you for killing this stupid, slow, no actual story line weasel – who had switched his allegiance from Rick to himself so many times I no longer cared. And, the gore in this scene was just fantastic, “Oh, there’s your guts”.


Whoa, this death actually did shock me. I am not a Walking Dead comic book fan, so I was so shocked that this just sort of happened out of no-where. And it was just when I had started to like Denise more. It was all Dwight’s fault and I really hated him for a while but he did make up for it in the final couple of episodes where you started to see his life. But, he still didn’t need to kill her.


This guy had every fanboy and fan girl coming up with multiple ways that Glenn could have survived. He was such a liability but he did go out with a bang. And his death was great because it meant that we could all sit there and try and convince ourselves that somehow Glenn could have survived.

14] T-DOG

I ain’t forgotten about you T-Dog. You were one of my favourite characters in the first couple of seasons, and what a way he went out. He saved Carol, someone who would go onto become one of the greatest characters in the show and have a whole fandom behind her. So for that, for saving Carol. You are the true hero T-Dog.

13] BOB

“Your eating tainted meat”. This is by far, the funniest death out of all of the deaths in The Walking Dead so far. The cannibals attempted to eat Bob’s leg without knowing that he was in fact bitten before-hand. And this lead to one of the best lines in The Walking Dead. Bob was a great character as well, on that I thought had finally been getting into his element.


Ah, I always tear up a little whenever I remember Daryl’s death. I liked both of his deaths, even though we never saw his actual death, it was quite a heroic, poetic death. He drew all of the zombies in and his death was very noble. And I know I said no zombie deaths, but I keep remembering his zombie death with Daryl, and how it brought tears to my eyes.


“Look at the flowers”. This death was absolute craziness from Carol but boy, was it great. Gave us some fantastic memes. It is exactly when Carol started to become the total bad ass she is now. Only Carol could kill a child and kill two other people and still be loved by a whole section of fandom.

10] DALE

I think this was the first time that we had a really emotional death, Daryl shooting him has to be one of the most emotional scene and that is because of what Dale was to the show, he was the father figure and his death also had a lot of weighting. When he died it meant that Rick had to step up, so his death had a lot of consequences on the rest of the team.


Some people really hated Noah, I for one actually liked Noah. And his death is one of my personal favourites, I was not expecting it and I had started to think that Noah would be a long time character. Especially after it was his fault that Tyrese died as they were looking for his family. And it was all stupid Nicolas’ fault, his death also had many implications, it gave Glenn some motivation and that fight in the season finale between Glenn and Nicholas was amazing.


Come to think about it now. I don’t know if I actually ever hated Shane. Maybe it was Jon Bernthal’s performance, but apart from the last couple of episodes Shane was one my favourite characters. But, the last couple of episodes did ruin him for me, and him trying to kill Rick was out of order. But, nonetheless, his death was pretty bad for a great character, the scene were Rick is still there for him was good, but it isn’t exactly a memorable death.


Tyrese had started to become useless at this point, the only good story line he had was the time he spent with Carol. But, he was mainly just moping about on-screen, he didn’t actually do much. But I really liked his death because it was almost like his last day, it let us die see everyone that had die one more time. They designated one episode to him, at a time where he was hardly on screen and it was sch a fitting death because he finally got to shine.


This death is probably a lot lower on this list than many people would have thought and that is just because – yes, whilst this death still hit hard, we all knew it was coming. It was too obvious, everyone guessed it, the only shocking factor in this was that two people died. The same applies to Glenn, we all knew it was going to happened. It was just the fact that two people died that was shocking. That being said, the gore in this death was fantastic, and when Abraham makes the peace sign to Sasha, it was very fitting for the guy who protected the group when Rick couldn’t.

5] BETH’s death that also includes THE OFFICER

Beth was an idiot when it came to her death but I will never forget how (even though it was stupid) she stabbed the officer and out of nowhere the officer shot her in the head. And, then that lead to the great scene above, where everyone was shocked after what just went down but my man Daryl shot the police officer right between the eyes! Even though The Walking Dead did spend a season looking for Beth, just for her to die, meaning that the season was useless, but hey – a great death.


This was the biggest shock early on in the series and pretty much got me hooked on The Walking Dead. I was absolutely not expecting it and Hershel was such a vital character and had become the father of the group as well as being the actual father of Beth and Laurel, it felt like an entirety and I was pretty sure that The Governor wasn’t going to kill him and then he slices his head clean off.


The Walking Dead killed off an entire family in five minutes, it did annoy me a little bit that the entire series had been trying to convince us that Rick (& whatever Sam’s mum’s name was), were perfect together but then they killed them all in five minutes – which was complete madness. When you come to think about it, it was all technically Carol’s fault, because she had scared Sam prior to the “Mission Impossible” they had tried to pull off. And, let’s not forget that massive shock of Carl losing an eye. This had to be one of the best episodes of the Walking Dead.


I have never in my life hated a TV character as much as Lori. Come to think about it now, I really don’t know why but her death has to be one of my favourite TV characters deaths alongside that horrid Joggrey. Her death also allowed the show to evolve, before hand the show was stuck with this incredibly annoying character where it almost always tried to fit her in somehow. Nevertheless, her death wasn’t as great as the others but it meant the most to me.


I don’t think that I could have put any other death at number one. Glenn was one of my favourite characters, he was an OG, he had a great relationship with Laurel and he was Rick’s trusted adviser. Regarding the death, it had everything for it, the gore and emotion was the highest. This death was received with a large amount of backlash, people stopped watching The Walking Dead because of this it lead to people feeling pain and people were traumatised.



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