First of all – I am really happy because I made that picture.

I have been busy for the last couple of months trying to create as many blogs as possible not so I could become famous in the blog world (is that a thing?) but rather just because as a young adult I wanted my opinion of films to be out there. I will try and make some great new content but probably won’t be uploading much as I will instead try to be focusing on my work. After I sort’ve reset my blog, I deleted a couple posts and I restarted the blog in October, it was because I wasn’t happy with what I had produced because I thought it wasn’t my true opinion, and something that made me want to say my true opinion was watching Luke Cage (my last review that I will do for a while), and I think that my blog now makes me extremely proud. 

Thank you so much for reading (if you’ve been reading)

Have a lovely year and treat yourselfs, I hope you have enjoyed my blog and I’ll see ya when I see ya 😉


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