OK, so don’t judge me. Considering 2016 is over, and with the new trailer drops of Spider Man Homecoming and Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, I thought it was time to rank the comic book films of the last year. Although, I said I was over ranking comic book films, now I am going back on that and that is that. 2017 seems to be a promising year but they also said that for 2016. To be perfectly honest, comic books films this year hasn’t been that great, it was supposed to be the year for comic book films. I don’t know whether there was a lack of quality or whether what Steven Spielberg said will actually come true. So I will rank seven comic book films for this year, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  2, Suicide Squad, Dr Strange, Civil War, Deadpool,  X-Men and Batman Vs, Superman.


Very easy, by far the worst film, I don’t like to be too harsh tmnt-2on films because I don’t feel this was bad as a sequel, it was slightly better than the first and after all is aimed at children. Personally, I didn’t mind the film, but on this list, we need to be serious and this film wasn’t great. If it was a good film, it would be higher up and that is saying something specially considering this year was an actual bummer, this was supposed to be the year for great comic book films, but I don’t think any of them were or maybe none of them lived up to my crazy expectations. Unfortunately, TMNT 2 wasn’t something I expected to be good and that is why I am saying I didn’t mind it. But, this list must be serious so – sorry TMNT, you’re in last place

RATING: 4/10 – (I really don’t like ranking in a list, because if I put this at 6, which I would say is a decent film, all the other ratings would have to be inflated, meaning number one would be 10/10.)



Once again, I don’t like to be to harsh on ratings, I struggle because I view 5/10 as good. If this film was on TV, I would watch it, But, for me, (alongside many other factors) where this films fails is its complete lack of direction. The DCEU, is moving onto Justice League, frantically trying to create a universe, the MCU, is testing the waters, putting forward the craziest of ideas and seeing what the audience buys into. I’m telling you they could sell rubbish and we would pay to watch it. But X-Men doesn’t really have anywhere to go. I loved First Class, loved Days Of Future Past, loved X2 and the original X-Men. But now what? I liked the film but honestly thought it was useless, I mean Apocalypse is supposed to be the strongest mutant yet we don’t see him do much!

RATING: 5/10 – (Might be a little harsh, but I will do a review on it where I might change my ratings, but the problem is if I change the ratings, everything else will go up)


Fsuicide-squadirst thing first: I AM NOT A MARVEL FANBOY, now that is cleared up I have literally struggled for hours with where to place the next 3 films. I think all of these three films are more less on the same level, but I have put Sucicde Squad at number 5, for one reason, because it doesn’t really do much for the DCEU. Now, I didn’t mind the film – but once again, I have had 5 months to calm down and can know only remember Will Smith being a badass, shooting down all those freaky looking things. Here it is again, whilst we are at it, this as well. I have a whole other post which I have linked here about i.

Rating – 6/10 – just because it doesn’t do much for the future of the DCEU, bur it is still a marginally better film than BvS, but Bvs sets up the future. And I don’t even know if they are gonna do a sequel!


ONCE AGAIN, I AM NOT A MARVEL FANBOY, the whole batman_v_superman_posterreason this is above Suicide Squad is because it is just slightly better for the story as it sets the future up better. With Batman Vs Superman (once again, I will do another review on it, I didn’t want to because it is literally going to take you 8 months to read). But, as it has been 9 months after the film, I have calmed down, and fortunately I remember the good things, like Batman and the Flash, and…… and…….and… Superman dying, oh..wait. So the stuff I liked I really loved, so I choose to remember those things instead of  Superman moping with his dead daddy in the arctic and Amy Adam’s literally dying everywhere she goes and Domesday, the whole idea of Martha, I mean if Lex Luther never got involved, Superman and Batman were going to fight, all he did was create a way for them to get out of it, and plus they became friends real quick and … STOP, calm down. I will make a blog, where I will share all these thoughts

RATING: 6.01/10, if you had asked me in March i would have said 4

3] DEADPOOLdeadpool_poster

Once again. I have literally struggled for hours with where to place the next 3 films. I think all of these three films are more less on the same level, but I have put Deadpool at number 3. Just because I don’t know where to put it. If I did this review as soon as these films came out, this list would be different, but we have had 10 months to dwell, and I hate to say it but Deadpool was not THAT great, don’t get me wrong,in the moment  I loved it but I have now got over the hype, I can view it honestly, and it wasn’t that funny and had a simple plot. But i still enjoyed it. Out of places 5,4 and 3 – Deadpool is the only film were I came out not feeling underwhelmed, and that is why it is here. The reason it is here is because when I came out of the cinema I loved it, so I have a better memory of it, and a better time.

RATING: 6.5/10, chicka chicka ahh



STILL NOT A MARVEL FANBOY. I loved this film. And I
promise you I am not a marvel fanboy. The reason this is here is because (you guessed it), it doesn’t have a standout act. Although I loved it, the ending did seem a bit convenient and rushed. I loved Benedict Cumberbatch – but will the MCU ever get a right villain. Mads character is kinda useless, and I am not sure if I remember his name or 67914055not. But I loved it, and I think it is my favourite comic book film because I didn’t expect much from it and it blew my mind whereas with Cap 3, I believe it is overrated, but I had
to go with Captain America over Dr. Strange

RATING 8/10 




First of all I AM NOT A MARVEL FANBOY. And now I am just going to say it, this year was massively underwhelming, I don’t know whether people created too much hype, but Cap 3 to me is overrated. I likes the film, I own it, loved the stakes but I just felt like something was missing. Maybe a death, maybe Red Hulk, I do not know, but something was missing. That being said, it is the best comic book film of the hear because of the airport scene still an underwhelming  year


RATING: 8/10

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