It must be said that I have not used this blog in the way i had hoped. I saw it as a way to put my views across but i had so many that i just forgot to put them all down. I wanted this to be the start of a job for me but instead should’ve seen it as a hobby. Somewhere where a normal boy could put his views across – and that is exactly what I will do. I had so many ideas throughout the last year but wanted to try and change the topic all the time. I could only think of writing blogs on Marvel films or TV or DC films or TV – and I wanted to do something different. But nothing ever came to mind and the longer I waited the less likely I became of continuing this. But I recently finished watching NETFLIX’s latest TV show Luke Cage and it reminded me why I started the blog. In the build up to the realease I was reading all these positive reviews for Luke Cage saying it was the best NETFLIX TV show yet. But when i watched it I was massively dissapointed and so it made me remember that I wanted to use this as a platform to put my opinion forwardregardless  who was listening but instead so it could just be out there and I could say my peace. I had so many ideas and thoughts that I just want to show to the world – even if the world is not listening. So, I plan to be posting as frequently as possible and not only about comic book films. I will review films, make lists and talk about films and TV shows that are getting me excited gor 2017.


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