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Well, 2016 is basically over – sure there is one month left but thinking about how quickly November went, don’t kid yourself, it will feel like tomorrow is January. And that gets me excited, no – not because 2016 (a year which History WILL definitely not be kind to) was full of surprises with Britain leaving Europe, Trump winning and baby iguanas outrunning snakes like it is a bloody game of tag at school will finally be over – but hey-ho, this isn’t a political blog. But because it means there are going to be a heck of a load new films to be released. As you are most likely aware, the box office and movie market is becoming more and more lucrative to people, which means more money, which means more films. So here is a list of the top 16 you simply must watch in the cinema.

*any film that is released before 2017, even if it hits it stride in 2017 will not count ( like Frozen or The Revenant). Also any film released on the 1st January does not count (like Assassins Creed & Silence).

This list will be about films that you have to watch in the cinema and I fully expect to do well at the box office, I will do another list where I will put all the big budget movies I believe are on the edge in, in the sense of might not perform as well. This list is about the films that I expect to make the most money next year.

  1. THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE                              

    I remember, specifically in 2014, trying to persuade all my friends to watch The Lego Movie with me. They all literally laughed and went who would what to watch a film about Lego. Well, it turned out that everyone did. Whether this film will actually perform at the box office next year, I do not know but I am going to give it a shot because I guessed that The Lego Movie was going to be a hit so I must have the same faith. Moreover, the Lego Movie was a great film – and a stand out from the film was Batman, so to see Batman have his own movie is going to be great. *HOWEVER, it is going up against 50 Shades Darker (on the exact same date), so whether this will definitely be a success, I am not sure, but still hope. I think it may be like Trolls. Trolls was a hit but it went up directly against Dr Strange and so looked tiny in comparison.

  2. LOGAN                                                            

    I am not going to lie, this film was not in my top 16. But seeing that trailer completely changed my mind. To have Logan, and Professor X take one last ride warms my heart *sob*. The trailer was absolutely stunning, whilst also giving away very little, yes we know Wolverine is protecting the little girl, but from what? From who? Why do they want her? Is she x23? And these questions are what I believe make a movie great. Nowadays you go into a movie knowing everything or expecting stuff to happen – I will go more in depth on this when I am on War For The Planet Of The Apes.

  3. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST                                                                                                              

    Bare with me. Now, this one is here because I know it will absolutely smash the Box Office. If you look at The Jungle Book it was released a week before the highest grossing film of the year Captain America: Civil War, yet held it’s own. That is because these Disney remakes have an audience. Maleficent, Cinderella, The Jungle Book were all box office hits. And Beauty and the Beast is going to be as well. I am not even going to deny it, I am kind of excited for the film, the things I loved in the original seem to be even better now, Gaston, the candle guy. The only downside for me is that Bella and the Beast are still in it as I never cared a bit for the love side of the film.

  4. FAST 8                                                                                                                                                         
    FAST 8

    Fast 8, Furious 8, Fast and Furious 8, The Fast and The Furious 8, 8’nt Fast Just Furious (OK, it won’t be the last one, but its cool right!). I am 90% sure this will be hit, any sequel in this franchise I am sold on, all thanks to Fast Five, the best film in the franchise (actually I might make another listed ranking these movies). But, there is no way I see this film flopping. I will go into more depth on how the Furious franchise has a loyal fan base (in a ranked list) and is box office gold  – almost as certain to make money like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  5. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL.2                                                                                             

    If you have seen my second ever post back in September 2015, then you know that I ranked the first GOTG at number 2, because it was a great film. However, the only issue I have with GOTG 2, also ties back into what I said for “Logan”. The best films – in my opinion are the films that no one expects to be great but when watched they are exceptional (case and point GOTG). But I feel like the first GOTG did such a great job, that people have unrealistic expectations for this film. I am going to say I think it might suffer from the “Age Of Ultron Conundrum” (no – I didn’t just make that up ;)), and that is basically when the original film blows everyone’s minds and therefore the people expect the second film to be better than the first, and if it isn’t it is seen as not a great movie, when if it had been released as a n original, it probably would have been seen as a great film. But that being said, I fully expect GOTG 2, to be an amazing film, and in James Gunn we trust. Regardless of it’s quality (but we all know it will be fantastic), it will perform at the box office – whether it will out perform the original is yet to be seen – especially considering the first film was released toward the end of the summer box office season, and therefore had September & October to rack up most of its sales (word spread on how good the film was and people went and saw it), whereas the sequel will be released just before the summer box office, and will only have 2 weeks to really perform, (if we are assuming Baywatch will perform well but the Rock is in it so I am sure it will do). POTC will be released the week after that. (just in case Baywatch is a flop)

  6. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: SALAZAR’S REVENGE                                                          

    If I had to guess which one of these movies would flop on the list I would go for this. It has been so long since POTC movie and the last one didn’t even perform that well when compared to At World’s End. Furthermore, I believe this might be affected by the “Zoolander Effect”, everyone had cried out for another POTC movie, but maybe Disney have waited to long. I think, it might be possible, that the fan-base is no longer really there. But that being said, it is on my list because I have FAITH. I know I am one that plans to go and watch it, I of course I could be completely wrong, it could be like a Pixar sequel. Have fans from all ages going to watch it. So I hope it will succeed and hope it will be a great movie but wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t.

  7. WONDER WOMAN                                                                                                                            

    I fully expect this film to succeed, I could speak hours on end about the DCEU and Batman Vs Superman, but I think we can all agree, Batman and Wonder Woman look amazing. I was now going to say, the trailers of this film look amazing, but the DCEU are the kings of deception. But. generally believe this could be the good be one good element in the DCEU, I think it is too late to say it can turn the opinion around because at this stage it is broken without repair, with possibly Justice League being able to fix it. (Don’t worry I am coming to it)


    Will it be good, probably not but no matter what anyone says Transformers will make money. Taking into account the fourth film were people believed it wouldn’t make any money because of the change of actors, and it ended up being the highest grossing film of 2016. Moreover, no matter how rubbish the film will be, when the trailer drops it is almost guaranteed to create a buzz, with the last film they dropped it during the super Bowl and it was the most watched trailer of that break and created the most  internet buzz afterwards so I expect them once again to do the same.

  9. DESPICABLE ME 3                                                                                                                   

    Did the Minions movie do too much  damage to this franchise. I don’t think so, all the kids who consider themselves  fans probably loved the Minions movies and so they still have that fan base? Plus this being the third movie it is most likely going to be a box office success. The only problem there might be is that  it is opening with a lot of competition and so may lose some money. However, I know it makes a lot of money in oversea markets like Asia, so even if it under performs in England and America, I’ll reckon it will make enough money to keep going.


    Captain America: Civil War was essentially just like an interview for Spider-Man, and he smashed it out the park. This promises to be one of the best films of next year, the only problem that might hit it is being released with so many other films, and the fact that people may chooses to remember the other 5 Spider-Man films and it end up not performing as well as Dr Strange. I choose Dr Strange as an example because Marvel films don’t really flop, but if it makes the least amount of money in the franchise (whereas to another company it will be seen as a success),for Marvel it will be seen as a failure. It could also suffer from Comic Book fatigue as this will be the 10 Comic book film in 2 years

  11. WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES                                                                                        

     Rise of the Planet of the Apes (too me) was one of the greatest films of 2011.I think this was because I was not expecting it to be good. It had everything that I had wanted, it made me love these character and – erased that horrible Mark Walhberg film out of my mind.                                                        

  12. CARS 3                                                                                                                                                  
    CARS 3

    OK, listen, I know Cars has not shown any reason to be on this list but bear with me. Although, the cars franchise isn’t exactly the highest grossing, Cars was a good film, it wasn’t fantastic but it was good. And the teaser trailer for Cars 3 looks amazing and really captivating – that with the horrible film that was Cars 2 (I can’t even say it, it will be referred to as the unnamed film), I think that Pixar owes us a good Cars film. I think it will make money but will not know if it will be more towards Cars or towards that unnamed film. But I think Pixar owes us a good film.

  13. DUNKIRK                                                                                                                                            

    Do I know anything about it? No. Have I the slightest clue about the plot? No. Do I know who is in it? Harry Styles, and that is what really matters. I’m only joking, this film is by Christopher Nolan, who could make a good Transformers movie so, if that isn’t a reason to watch it, then what is?

  14. THOR RAGNAROK                                                                                                                            

    I think this film will be one of the greatest films of 2017, and the MCU. It looks incredible – furthermore, I think this will be similar to War for the Planet of the Apes, there hasn’t been a trailer yet. This film has a lot going for it, the return of Loki, the return of Thor, return of Hulk, Hulk talking, Planet Hulk, the duo of Thor and Hulk, Thanos. EVERYTHING. How are you not excited?

  15. JUSTICE LEAGUE                                                                                                                                

    “This will be a good one, it will re-start the DCEU”, they say and we fall for it every time. But that being said, how long can the DCEU continue until it is no longer the start. No matter what happens, it will make a lot of money,maybe even more money than the Avengers. No matter even if the film is bad, people will go and watch it and they will moan, but the company will still have the money. The trailers and all the sneak peaks will make the movie look amazing, and it will sell. I know I will watch it

  16. STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII                              

    Stars Wars 7 was the highest grossing film of the year and nearly beat Avatar, I know this will be the highest grossing film of 2017, and this one could beat it. I will keep it short and sweet, but this film will be the highest grossing of the year easily. (I may make another blog where I list my predictions for the year).


So, yeah, there are my 16 films to watch next year because they definitely will be hits and I am expecting to perform at the box office.


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