Suicide Squad seemed like the reckoning for the DC Extended Universe. It seemed like it would correct the wrongs of Batman vs Superman and be the start the DC Extended Universe. But I think the one place it failed in was false advertising, the trailers made it seem like it was just crazy. The tone was set as wild where bad guys were good guys and the use of the music in the trailer made it seem so fun. And the trailer in retrospect was good, but thinking about it again and trying to think what the story was I just couldn’t. Maybe I was naive to think that the Joker would be the baddie, or that they would be sent on multiple missions each leading on to the next. But what was received has to be THE downfall of the movies. I genuinely believe if you were to remove the baddie in this film and just have smaller villains each leading up to the next with the big villain leading pulling the strings it would’ve been a good movie and not received so much hate. Don’t get me wrong I thought this movie was OK – definitely the best in the DCEU but I did not think it was good. I just thought meh.


I really do not know where to begin with this. I am going to start with things I did not like because I think although I have a lot to say I always tend to go into detail on the bad elements and not touch much on the stuff I liked which was a lot of things. Ok, I think the one thing that stops this movie from being great or makes it get so much hate is the villain. I mean do I care why Cara Delevingne is suddenly trying to make a little sky-beam to bring a weapon to earth to destroy the world when she destroyed midway city in a minute. I mean I’m sure if she tried she could turn her little zombie freaky things to go and kill people and then she could just conquer city by city. But no there has to be a sky-beam plot. Also, I think everyone blames the villain but I think that the studio or director didn’t really care about the team but instead only about Will Smith and Margrot Robbie (now don’t get me wrong because I think the best thing in this film are these two) but it is supposed to be a team yet who is the machete woman, who really is Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, the other guy who is just introduced to get killed. I don’t really think it was a team film but more a Deadshot and Harley Quinn movie.

Someone who gets A LOT of hate is the Joker. And I understand that he is more like a riddler than a joker but I personally liked him in this film. I thought he was un-necessary but his sub-plot I thought brang a bit of fun and character development to Harley Quinn. I don’t think that he could’ve been the exact same Joker that was in the Dark Knight so I where I didn’t HATE the Joker, I can understand why some people did. I didn’t mind him, I didn’t hate him but thought he was OK.

Onto the things that I liked. Will Smith is my favourite thing in this film. He was my favourite actor as a child and now he has resurfaced – and I rejoiced. Margot Robbie was fantastic, Jai Courtney was fantastic – with pretty much every scene him being in was good. El Diablo was fantastic as well, and I really liked the character depth we saw of those heroes (Now I’m not contradicting myself, I still think that other characters should have got some screen time, but the screen time the above characters got were great).

I think Suicide Squad is an OK film. The more I think about it the more I forgot the rubbish bits and the more I remember the bits I liked – and I start to like it more. That being said it does feature the craziest villain I have seen in a film since FAN4STIC (and I haven’t even started talking about her brother). I believe Suicide Squad could have been a lot better, properly more better than worse but I think with the DCEU baby steps are required 👶


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