Justice League is the 2017 film based on the comic-book character of the same name. Set after the DCEU shattering Batman Vs Superman, we find Batman following up on Lex Luthor’s gibberish. He soon discovers the danger is bigger than he imagined, and he enlists a team of The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Wonder Woman to stop the evil Steppenwolf and save the earth. But, how can they save a world that might not deserve to be saved is the message carried out as Batman himself says he might not recognise the world, he just has to “save it”. With Superman gone, the world is without Hope, and that makes the League more important than ever….

Day 14


Let me try, *try*, try not to hate. Justice League is the epitome of false trust. After the underwhelming, pointless, character-changing Man of Steel the stupid, fake-advertised Batman vs Superman, the insult that was Suicide Squad came the miracle, saviour to the DCEU; Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman showed something no-one thought was possible, a DCEU film being as good as its trailer, so when they dropped the Justice League trailer I have never been as excited, looking forward to a movie that might, just might actually work. But, it is just so sad, because I came out of the film with no passion, no anger and no care towards the film and the franchise. To the point where, I waited three months to watch the film and it has taken me roughly a month to finally sit down and write this review.

Now, in all honesty, it isn’t a bad film, but “not a bad film” for a film of this nature is not good enough. It just exists, something we have to accept and hope it will course correct in the future. It was an OK film, but it is the Justice League, it’s the perfect example of not everything you want you should have. Gone is the Snyder vision that we had invested the last four years in and instead we get a newer, rushed vision that incorporates two differing director’s techniques and the voice of a thousand WB producers. Ultimately, it is just sad that a film that should have been a phenomenon in an age where superhero movies reign (because just as the Young Adult genre disappeared, so to will the superhero genre), didn’t even make a dent. Anyway, let’s just get this done.

Honestly where do I start?

I’m going to talk about the biggest elephant in the room, Snyder and Whedon. Luckily I don’t think anyone is blaming Whedon but rather everyone is rightly blaming the producers. I never thought I would be saying this after BvS, but I have invested so much time in Synder’s vision – just let me complete it. Yeah, sure I will complain about it afterwards (probably), but you owe it to me and him to let him finish his story. Then we have Whedon, who comes in with his humour and his vision, that whilst doesn’t blend in seamlessly, I am more than happy to forgive. Flash cracking jokes with Superman, I might think it is weird but I’m cool with it, the Flash was one of the best things about the film. I honestly think Whedon only added to this film. My problem isn’t the addition of Whedon. My problem is the (dare I say it!!) lack of Snyder. Below is my paragraph from my BvS review

The next thing I liked, was the teasing of the baddie in Justice League, I said it in one of my lists, the reason this film is rated so highly because trust me I’ve thought about giving it a 4 or a 5 is because of the continuity that will become clear in 4 or 5 years, yes this film has to take the L, but I think this film is bad so the other films can be great in the future.

That is lifted straight from my BvS review. Where was Darksied? Where was the Flash scene? Where was a substantial Superman return? It just felt like there was a checklist and the producers were ticking it all off. Yep, Superman resurrected, next; make him fight the league (which, by the way was a better fight than the entire BvS fight.) For the first time ever, it felt like the producers listened to the audience, read everyone’s reviews and just went put that in, put that in, change that. Where I wanted a different tone and feel, it felt as though it was too rushed.

Now that is finished, onto what I liked.  And, there are some things I liked, first off, it is the Justice League, seeing all these characters on the screen for the first time was only going to be a positive. I loved the characters, I think that was done perfectly, and I will talk more about that later, I think the dynamics between them all were done right and excluding Superman for most of it made it hard for certain dynamics to work. I also felt that certain characters were under-utilised in the sense they were left for their own movie, but just as Batman and Wonder Woman were introduced correctly in BvS, Justice League also gets it right, The fight between Superman and the league was great, with the side-eye scene working to perfection, and it being one of my favourite scenes. I think that the Justice League really does well with these characters, because it becomes clear that even Cyborg (who is just there) is important to the team and is powerful.

Onto my problems, and I am only going to name one that really bugs me, because I really can’t bring myself to care about more. My biggest problem is that it this film just makes me hate BvS even more, it almost forgets about it completely, which is what I have sort’ve wanted, but not in that way. I think the things it did to correct itself wasn’t done right and it was done too quick, just changing Superman’s character like that, to make us all love Superman and act like hope is so vital. I also felt like whilst characters had depth, there was still a lot more to explore – especially Batman. As Batman doesn’t (and probably won’t) have his own origin movie, this version of Batman is never clearly shown. He needs Superman, because he knows he can’t do it, and he feels guilty, which I loved. I also loved the scenes with Wonder Woman and Batman, but I would’ve loved a true heart to heart scene, like the one with Batman and the Flash, where he tells him to save one. Superman’s changed character is evident in the final scene battle. The other big problem is the villain but I’m not going to start with that.

Onto the characters, and this is the one thing I think Justice League did well. I came to care and want to see more of every one of these characters, I liked the Aquaman scene where he is being forced to tell the truth. There are some things I think could’ve been done better, but I am more than happy to give it a pass. For example, as I have already said, I want to see Batman struggle to be in a world  that doesn’t need him anymore, in the final battle he doesn’t do anything, I wanted Wonder Woman to have her chance to shine. Show Batman doesn’t want to be here anymore he is sick of doing this, he was wrong when it came to Superman and he doesn’t want to fight anymore because he can’t. And I have already spoken about the quick change in Superman’s personality that we are just going to forget. But, apart from that, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg were all great additions, with the Flash really tying the whole team together in terms of links, as it seemed he had formed a bond with each character.

It is obligatory at this stage that I talk about the future. I don’t know what to say, I want to see a sequel with Luthor and Deathstroke, but I also want that flashback scene to mean something. Who knows if any of that will ever happen now.  I know there are so many problems I am forgetting, but I wanted this to be a review that reflected the film, something I don’t really have any feeling too anymore – which is sad.

It is what it is, they dug their own grave and there was no way to get out, an OK film, a 6.5 out of 10 or a C+


P.S, this was my original synopsis but I didn’t want to just say the film sucked, so I cut it.

Finally, the redemption of the DCEU has arrived, Justice League is the 2017 film that follows up the only DCEU hit Wonder Woman. Batfleck is back, and this time he needs to make a team to save the world from three boxes which have been safe for thousands of years, but now they aren’t. Steppenwolf is the villain, and he is (as expected) CGI filled, the only way to stop him is to form a team from videos Batman saw in an email attachment. Wonder Woman is back but doesn’t do much, Batman just sucks, Cyborg is there for reasons, Aquaman feels like he is being saved for his solo film and the Flash feels like he is from another film. Even though the team have “assembled”, they are still rendered useless as they are battered, so they need Superman (who everyone loves now), to come back to life and basically just do this all by himself and make it a film that should be called “Superman with friends”.

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