Ok, so I plan to review films that I am passionate about. And so I thought I would post like a quick breakdown of the system I use. (pssst…I’m also doing this because I even confuse myself with my reviewing)

I find it hard to review because I don’t know whether I should rank them out of 5 or out of 10. I think 5 is to small a scale to rank and I would deem a 2 as an OK film whereas someone else would deem it as bad. So I settled on using a 10 system. Here are some examples of each number:

  1. A film I would never watch again or a film that was so bad that I walked out of (only ever happened once) – Jack & Jill
  2. A film that was bad, really bad but worse came to worse I would watch it again – Hugo
  3. A film that was bad but I found fun to laugh at – After Earth / Fan4stic
  4. A film that had some redemming qualities but for a 2 hour film only had 20 minutes that I liked – Enders Game
  5. An film that was just OK. Worse comes to worse if I was in a foriegn country and there was nothing else on I would watch it. – Legend Of Tarzan
  6. A “meh” film or an “ite” film it was good but there was nothing really special about it or it wasn’t really that good but a few things made me like it. It was good but nothing really special and there some things I really hated. – Suicide Squad
  7. A good film. I liked it would watch it again but wasn’t the best film of all time – Deadpool
  8. A great film or I just really enjoyed it – Inception
  9. Deserves an Oscar – The Dark Knight
  10. Probably never use


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