This list does not necessarily represent the best films of the year, but films that you have to watch as they define 2016. Films that you won’t be able to move into 2017 without saying “I’ve watched that”

1] Deadpooldeadpool_poster

There are so many things that I have already said about this film and you can read it here. But the reason it is on the list us because it simply changed the game because of it a 15 or R rated Wolverine film is being released, and studios aren’t afraid to make comic book films older.

2] Zootopiazootopia

To me, this film is just a delight. I expected nothing from it and is without a shadow of doubt one of my favourite films of the year, if you haven’t watched it you better stop what you’re doing watch it and then come back to me, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Everyone will love this film

3] Batman Vs Supermanbatman_v_superman_poster

Was it a good film? I am sick of debating that question, a blog about it is coming out soon, all you need to know is the amount of criticism this film received means you simply have to watch to understand.

“Any press is good press”

captain_america_civil_war_poster4] Captain America: Civil War

Overrated? Slightly, but there is no denying the brilliance of the third act and that final fight, furthermore it actually has an impact of the Avengers (which is what this film basically is Avengers 2.5). The film actually effects the MCU, so you should watch it as it will no doubt have some impact on other films, like Spider Man. And you should watch it just for that airport battle

5] Jungle large_voipe2myi26udwp978hsyornuwcBook

If you are not sure why there are about 20 Disney live film remakes of original classics it is thanks to this. Even though it is essentially the exact same film remade, that is one the beauties of the film, it takes an old classic and turns into a beautiful visionary that is pleasing to watch. With a sequel on the cards this is something you simply cannot miss from the year.

220px-now_you_see_me_2_poster6] Now You See Me 2

Why is this on the list? I hear you ask, because although it didn’t do as well as expected at the box office and it didn’t do better than the first.It might not be a better film than the first but the studio is lining up a third film with some great new additions, so the third looks promising, furthermore the studio feels obligated to correct some of the criticism and with Jon M. Chu at the helm, I think he can do that.
7] Finding Dory

220px-finding_doryI am not sure where but I read that Finding Dory was the highest grossing film in America in 2016, now you shouldn’t need a reason to watch this film apart from the fact that it is a sequel to a film we all love. More importantly, I think the film does hold it’s own, it is not better than Finding Nemo – and I think that upset a lot of people, people were expecting the greatest film ever, and better than the original – some may argue like the Toy Story franchise. But something I think that is overlooked, is that the film isn’t bad. It had so much risk, creating a sequel for a film that is a classic, it not only had the potential to be a flop but also to tarnish the memory of the original, something this films doesn’t do. It took a risk and like I said whereas it may not be better than the original it definitely holds it’s own.
220px-the_secret_life_of_pets_poster8] Secret Life Of Pets

Ok, well out of the three animated films on the list, this is in third place but it still is a good film. Taking the way this performed at the box office in itself is a reason you should watch this film. Furthermore, the studio may have found themselves another Despicable Me franchise, and so watch this film, strap in and prepare yourselves for as many sequels as they can possibly throw at you.

9] Star Trek Beyond220px-star_trek_beyond_poster

Disappointing? Slightly, but there is no denying the importance of this film. Although Star Wars is taking all of its thunder, Star Trek needs to come back into the fold. Because of this, I expect the fourth film to be back with a vengeance, and be a good film, delivering to the fans and making money – something I think this film didn’t really do.

suicide-squad10]  Suicide Squad

Well, I have spoke about this film so much now, that I think I have made my opinion clear. But the reason this is a film you have to watch next year is because of the spin off that will no doubt happen with Harley Quinn
220px-don27t_breathe_282016_film2911] Don’t Breathe

This was a great film. And that in itself should be a reason you watch it, but unfortunately this film has the mis-justice of being a horror. And in the 21st century with every horror films that succeeds, the studios must create as many sequels as humanly possible – Paranormal Witness, The Conjuring, and therefore any film that is originally great gets tarnished because as the films increase the quality decreases. So watch this great film before there are more sequels than you can count.
doctor_strange12] Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is the next step for the MCU, I think that after Phase 3 wraps up, the studio should call it a wrap and finish with the franchise, but Kevin Feige has said he will not do that, and so with all the big characters contracts expiring, Doctor Strange seems to be the only way that they can continue the franchise and boy do I think they milked it.It seems that the way the MCU can continue is through Dr Strange. Plus the fact that this was an  exceptional film, and that post credit scene.

13] Trolls220px-trolls_28film29_logo

The 4th animated film on the list may come as another mystery to others, but this film has the potential to become the new Shrek. I think in order to become a great franchise, the second film has to pull it’s weight, and so as long as Trolls 2 is good, I think we might have another Dreamworks seller on our hands. Yes it wasn’t a great film but with a good sequel it will be become a massive franchise, plus the fact that Dreamworks so desperately need one with the sudden cancellation of Croods. For some reason?

fantastic_beasts_and_where_to_find_them_poster14] Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Harry Potter sells. Simple, you will be lying if you say you haven’t watched on Harry Potter film, and where this may not actually contain Harry Potter, it is something that will continue that world – and there will be countless sequels, meaning it is a film you must watch, and another film that defines 2016.

15] Moana220px-moana_teaser_poster

The fifth animated film on the list, comes because of the beauty of the film. It is a film that you will no doubt watch, not because of the sequels that may follow, but because of the story, the visual effects. Moana is a film I expected nothing from, but to me is still better than Trolls, and Secret Life of Pets, and is on the same calibre as Zootpia, but I think Zootopia just about edges it out.

16220px-rogue_one2c_a_star_wars_story_poster] Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars sells. Period. I don’t think I need to give a reason you should watch this film if you don’t plan to anyway because I don’t think you would be able to escape people forcing you to watch it. It is a good film – and my review shall be up soon.

So there we have it, a list of 16 films that define 2016. Something I want to say is that studios nowadays get criticised a lot for sequels and reboots, yet on this list there are eight original films on the list (if we don’t include Deadpool), meaning that maybe, just maybe – there is hope new films do well. And that new ideas do sell. Lets hope there is more of everything for 2017


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