Well.. it’s 2021, and that means it’s time to get back into the swing of things, I’ve already released my Cobra Kai Season 3 review earlier this week, and just as I promised I’m posting more and being more consistent on this blog. And, like I’ve always said, when I need to create a post…. the MCU is always there for me.

It has been so long since I last did a ranked list, and even longer since I spoke about the MCU. And, so, with the upcoming release of Wandavision (which I will review here – hopefully🤞), I though what better way to celebrate it than release a post ranking the 2021 MCU releases in order of anticipation.

After constant content for the past twelve years, 2020 marked the first year without a MCU release, and in a weird way, it seems the delays somehow benefitted them. After, Avengers: Endgame I was convinced I was done with the MCU, I even had a post in the drafts ready to move on. ME! MOVE ON! I was ready to quit the MCU because I thought Endgame was the best it could get. But……. that sneaky Kevin Feige……. he did it again.

10] WHAT IF…

I’m pretty sure at the bottom of every MCU anticipation list of 2021, What If… is at the bottom. It’s an animated TV show that is set to explore different realities where different characters became the heroes we came to know and love. And, whilst it will feature some cool ideas, in the grand scheme of things – it’s a series that doesn’t get me overly excited.


It’s important to understand the way I felt about this projects are different now to the way I felt about them a few months ago. Although I know nothing about Ms. Marvel, I was excited to see something new in the MCU. But (and especially), with how much streaming content there is, I fear Ms. Marvel will join an elite list containing only Iron Fist on the MCU projects I never watched.

But, what is keeping me intrigued is the potential tie-in to Captain Marvel 2, and even though I don’t think the first film was amazing. I am really looking forward to the sequel, but I’m not sure whether it’s because of the controversy surrounding the cast, or the below par ‘Sizzle’ they released, but the Ms. Marvel show just doesn’t seem to excite me. Of course, that could all change


Marvel's Eternals explained: Movie delayed to November 2021 as Disney  resets - CNET

I really wanted to put Eternals higher, and I am really looking forward to its release, but I had to ask myself whether this film could tie into future MCU releases. I really hope it sets something big up in the MCU, but nevertheless with a stellar cast I am really looking forward to it. I just can’t put it any higher, considering I haven’t seen a trailer or anything about it.


Originally supposed to be the first MCU release on Disney+. I was really looking forward to finally getting a show where Falcon and Bucky got to shing. But, I was more hyped for the series before I saw the trailer, which really underwhelmed for me. I like the tone the trailer goes for, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Daniel Brühl as Helmut Zemo, one of my favourite Marvel villains. But, on a day that saw Marvel release amazing news and trailers, Falcon and the Winter Soldier fell into the background.


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - Wikipedia

It was a hard-call between Shang-Li and the film I put above it, but I feel the film I put above Shang-Li has a long-serving character that deserves it more. But, Shang-Li promises to be something really good and it seems really interesting; a martial-arts film, a strong cast, something fresh and new that will no doubt tie into the rest of the MCU, has got me extremely interested.

However, I couldn’t put it any higher because I haven’t seen anything about the film yet, not a trailer or even a still. The film is very promising though, and I am looking forward to seeing The Mandarin, and whether or not the MCU can be successful in China, something Disney already knows how hard it is to do.


I’ve never been a massive Black Widow film, mainly because I’ve been such a huge Hawkeye fan, and one of the biggest insults is that Hawkeye does nothing, and so I always have to drag Black Widow into the argument to deflect from Hawkeye.

But, nonetheless I’m glad Black Widow is finally getting her time to shine, and like I said at the start, when this film was announced I wasn’t the bit interested because I knew after Endgame I would retire from the MCU. But, after a few trailers (and I won’t explain my thoughts because you can see the reaction for it here) I can’t wait for the film. It’s in fifth place because I fear the film won’t set as much up as the rest of the names above it.


Now, we get into the interesting part, I’ve changed my mind on the placing of these next two projects countless times and like just like the most of Phase 4, I was honestly not looking forward to Loki. I didn’t like how for Loki’s death in Infinity War would be undone and I thought it was best to move on.

But, boy do I look stupid, the trailer looks was phenomenal and makes it look like the best MCU series they will release. The story is so intriguing, the cast is so strong – can’t wait to see Owen Wilson and it looks so good. And, whilst its most likely this will tie into Thor 4, the reason it goes below the next show is because it can’t possibly set up as much as the next show.


I know…. you’re shocked it’s this low on the list, and like I said before hand it was honestly a tossup between this and Loki. Whilst I know Wandavision will be amazing and set amazing things up, I fear that the series will be just that, a set-up.

Seeing a few things, the first two episodes seem to be homages to sitcoms, and the show will no doubt focus on the Wanda and Vision relationship one of my least favourite things about Infinity War. I fear the first few episodes will be slow, but, after seeing some reviews, it seems Wandavision does live up to the hype, and although I knew I would quit the MCU after Endgame, I always planned to watch Wandavision.


Is It Still Disappointing: Spider-Man 3

Oops. Wrong one. Well, at least there’s only one to compete with.

Spider-Man 3 First Image Reveals Tom Holland In Far From Home Costume

I think it would be stupid if I didn’t put Spider-Man as the highest film especially for what is planned and is set up and what promises to be years of fan-service delivered in one film. Plus, taking aside the surprises the film has in store, the continuation of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man story is good enough reason to be excited. Especially considering where Spider Man was at the end of FFH/

I had to put Spider Man 3 above Wandavision, because I feel as though Spider-Man (more than any other film) is completely free to do as it pleases, especially considering Dr Strange 2 will continue the story. Which can only mean we’ll be getting (and I genuinely believe this) one of the best comic-book films.


Exclusive: Marvel's Hawkeye series won't arrive on Disney+ in 2021

C’mon… What else did you expect!!! You should have known by now; I’ve been fighting the good fight for Hawkeye since 2012. And ‘let me tell ya something’- I’ve been living on scraps. AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE SOMETHING MORE! Finally, we get to see Hawkeye with his time to shine, I’m upset it’s not a solo movie, but we don’t bite the hand that feeds us.

I would love nothing more than to get a screener for this to get to review it early, but I will do with just watching it like any other person. Because I cannot wait to see where they go with Hawkeye, Hailee Steinfeld is perfectly cast as Kate Bishop. And I hope we get to see more of every aspect of Hawkeye, from his guilt on Ronin and Natasha, to his guilt about leaving his family but having to because who is he, if not a hero?

What I really hope we get to see (as a fan) is Hawkeye feeling guilt about getting a happy-ending with his family when all the other original Avengers did not. Hulk is scarred for life, Thor is a mess, Cap left his friends for his love, and Tony and Natasha died.

I’ll be perfectly honest, the only reason I made this post was for Hawkeye, and to hype myself up about his series. Thanks



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