After waiting more than a year for the next instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I have spent the past six weeks reviewing each and every episode of Wandavision. “The Series Finale’ the final episode of Wandavision, finally marks the end of a show that has taken the internet by storm these past seven weeks.

Wandavision is set after the events of Avengers: Endgame and follows Wanda Maximoff and Vision as they attempt to live a normal, suburban life in the town of Westview. However, problems begin to appear as not everything is as it seems, with decades jumping in the span of a minute and the biggest hint of all being that somehow Vision is still alive.

There is so much to say about the season, and because this is a season review, I will give a more nuanced look at the season, if you would like more detail, I do so with every episode review I have released. Now, initially this season review is a spoiler-free review, however when it comes to the finale I will include a few spoilers.

The Meaning of Wanda Maximoff's Outfits in 'WandaVision' | The Mary Sue

The season as a whole is incredible, it is smart, funny, ambitious, action-packed and incredibly well-written. No doubt about it, every potential risk Wandavision took, paid off, and the show takes a lot of risks. It is so cleverly-written, and its decision to pay homage to sitcoms (whilst at the beginning is very frustrating), is a stroke of genius especially in how they are able to work it in to the overall narrative.

Furthermore, and as I have spoken about in every episode review, the structure of the show and the way in which Wandavision pulls of the episodes is nothing but a stroke of genius. The show plays with aspect ratios in order to communicate what is sitcom and what is not. And, in episode four, by having the show air to those outside of Westview, it finds an organic way to expand the sitcom aspect and allow the show to move on seamlessly.

Leaked Image from Episode 9 : MarvelStudiosSpoilers

The performances from all involved are incredible, with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany deserving special praise, after all it is their show and they step up to the plate. Olsen finally gets her moment to shine, and she takes that responsibly on brilliantly as her character has so much to get into, giving a performance many are already calling an award winner. Paul Bettany also smashes it out of the park, although I felt during the first two episodes he played a very over-the-top, slapstick comedic style which was uncharacteristic of Vision, but as the season goes on you learn this isn’t the Vision you were once familiar with.

Teyonah Parris is one of the only newcomers, and she shines as Monica Rambeau, who I am excited to see more of in Captain Marvel 2, and Kathryn Hahn is Agnes, another amazing performance that helps the show to work, especially with her comedic background. The same applies for returning characters like Randall Park as Jimmy Woo and Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, all of whom I hope we see again.

The only flaw in the show is its decision to release weekly, of course I understand a weekly release schedule is more beneficial to companies, but especially with the third episode of the season – although it was a good episode and allowed the show to kick on a little, after watching it, it dawned on me how little we were getting after (what seemed) so long in the waiting. This after the first two episodes that I gave a free pass to, because I knew where the show was going.

Like, I said beforehand, I have released a review for every episode, the first two episodes play up the sitcom aspect of the series, and the third steps it up, bringing in some realism. Episode 4 is important, as it shows how the rest of the season will progress, but, it is Episode 5 that is so important and cleverly written, which works really well as it manages to transition the show perfectly, and sets the blueprints for how to continue. In the sense of; the format of the rest of the episodes, the structure and how they intervene the events of Westview and that outside it.

So, finally onto the season finale, after last week’s explanation of how Westview came to be, Agatha wants to take Wanda’s powers in order to become the most powerful witch. However, Wanda must make a decision, continue suffering or to break out and fight.

This episode can only be described as Wanda Maximoff getting her opportunity to shine, she has some incredible moments, in which we finally see her power as well as an awesome new look. And we get to see one of the most emotional scenes with Vision, that brings a realism to the craziness and reminds audiences just why she did all of this in the first place. Vision, after being almost out of the action in the past two episodes, also has some very good moments in which we get to see the android and human version of him, the android version when he deals with the White Vision and the human when he speaks to Wanda.

But, like I said, it’s Wanda’s time to shine, and the show sets Scarlett Witch up very well for the future, and makes me look forward to seeing much more of her. This is so evident, because we get only one scene with Darcy in, and a handful with Jimmy and everyone else. Funnily enough, the biggest villain to the MCU is COVID-19, because originally, we would be waiting a few months to see what happens next in Dr Strange 2, but now we are waiting a whole year.

When it comes to a show this high profile it is hard to please everyone, and so there is a level of disappointment I’m sure you will feel after watching the season finale. After being so good with reveals throughout the show, I was expecting to see one more in the finale but not seeing a final big twist, or a massive cameo (I’m looking at you Paul Bettany) does leave a little to be desired. But, I can guarantee no-where near the level of those that were caught up in YouTube fan theories.

I am sure this is something that will happen with other MCU shows, it is very hard to stick the landing, especially in the MCU. When it is an over-arching story and there are other stories to tell, of course there will be a little left to be desired, after all this isn’t Endgame. And, so Wandavision doesn’t leave you with a level of completeness, in fact, add in all the fan theories many fans would pour onto YouTube, with Magneto and Dr Strange, and you can’t help but feel a little under-whelmed when nothing of the sort happens.

Of course, I learnt my lesson very early on in the MCU, to never get your hopes up because Kevin Feige likes to keep things the simplest of simple, and so I was incredibly doubtful that Evan Peters was indeed Pietro Maximoff or that we would get any sort of big name cameo, and I was right. That disappointment doesn’t take away from the quality of the show, but from my own personal expectations, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed in that regard.

But as a season as a whole, I am honestly shocked at how much I liked it. I was always sure that it would be a good show, but I could never foresee how they could pull off the format. But, boy, did they!

See you in two weeks for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Please follow my blog to read it!


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