Hello everyone, 👋. It has been a while since my last post, and I have wanted to upload something for quite a while now. And, as is accustom for this blog, whenever I am in dire need, the MCU bails me out. So, I am back with a trailer reaction for Black Widow. I haven’t done a trailer reaction since the 7th July (Mulan), just because I always feel as though I just miss the hype of the trailers by the time I manage to come to start a reaction. This is why I completely missed the Super-Bowl trailers and the Fast 9 trailer, and also the reason I have yet to react to one Black Widow trailer. C’mon Adam, get it together. I wanted to react to the first Black Widow trailer, but as time passed, I felt posting a reaction wouldn’t be relevant. Therefore, I have been waiting and hoping that Marvel would release a final trailer in order for me to react to, and thankfully today they did.

I am sure if you are reading this you know, I am a huge MCU fan. And, so this film could be terrible and I am still going to watch it opening weekend. Nothing, I mean nothing is going to stop me from watching it, and hopefully seeing my favourite and the best avenger make a cameo in Budapest (God, I hope Hawkeye does appear). So, I know that I am going to see this film, it’s just that I have as much excitement to see it. It feels minuscule in comparison to last year’s Endgame, which isn’t a bad thing because I felt the same for Spider-Man Far From Home, I just, don’t really have such a huge excitement to see it. And, I think that’s what these trailers have tried to focus on, and to an extent it has worked. I really do like the look of the film, I think the addition of Florence Pugh and playing off a family element between them is fantastic. And, I really like the look of Taskmaster, and the choreography of some of the fight scenes looks phenomenal but due to the nature of the film; it being a prequel, I can’t help but feel as though it doesn’t really matter.

Nevertheless, the film does promise to unearth Black Widow’s past, and we will finally get some development for a character that has been stuck in the sidelines for so long, and I am looking forward to seeing what she got up to. I, like I said, also really like the addition of Taskmaster, films like these always tend to pit one hero against a villain that has the exact same skill set, and we’ve already seen the extensive skill set Taskmaster can offer with him doing archery, and throwing around a shield as well as taking on Red Guardian in a fist fight. And we also get to see Taskmaster study a Black Widow fight from Iron Man 2, which could explain how the film ties in all of Black Widows pasts. Taskmaster watches what happens in Budapest and learns archery, watches a fight scene from Winter Solider and learns to fight like Captain America and watches a scene from Iron Man 2 to learn how to fight like Black Widow.

Leading me nicely into the plot of the film, I really enjoy how they are including Black Widow’s past, and the ‘Red Room’ into it, meaning the flashback they attempted in Avengers: Age of Ultron doesn’t go to waste like it did for Ragnarok. Just remembering where Natasha was at the beginning of Endgame, insisting the Avengers were her family, I do hope that we get some realisation from her that although Red Guardian and Rachel Weisz’s character are her family, she also has another family leading her to that realisation. Like I said, I really like Florence Pugh as an actress, and so am really looking forward to seeing her in a big franchise blockbuster. I am not sure how I feel about Red Guardian, I don’t think a ‘Russian Captain America’ is needed, and I’m sure it would’ve been something that would’ve come up in conversation between Black Widow and Captain America, like: ‘Hey Cap, did I ever tell you my dad’s a Russian version of you?’. But nevertheless, I understand why they included him, and I feel as though for much of the film he will provide a lot of comic relief. As for Rachel Weisz’s character, I feel as though they aren’t showing as much of her because shes vital to the plot. And, I am really interested to see General Ross, and what he did after the events of Civil War.

So, in conclusion, this film is stacked with talent, and seems to have a great plot and seems to want to do right by Black Widow as a character.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about the film before the trailer had been released – I knew I would watch it but wasn’t anticipating it, but now I really want to see the film. Even if it doesn’t feel that important. And, I just hope that Hawkeye is in it!!

Now, hopefully I don’t miss the next massive blockbuster trailer release.🤞

Adam Zenasni

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