After last week’s premiere brought us a double delight (two episodes) which ended with the reveal that Wanda was pregnant, Wandavision released a new episode where Wanda delivers her own double delight – twins. Taking inspiration from ‘The Brady Bunch’ – Vision and Wanda go from confusion around the sudden appearance of a baby bump to preparing for the imminent birth of their child, all whilst trying to not break Westview or reveal the unusual circumstances of the pregnancy to anyone

Episode Three – ‘Now In Colour’, is an enjoyable episode, but I enjoyed it because I know the best the show has to offer is yet to come, hasn’t even woken up yet. In my review for the first two episodes, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it, I already had a pre-conceived idea of how the show was going to go (which I explain here), but maybe because I had zero expectations going in or because we got two episodes I found myself excited for the next episode.

But, reception from audiences has not been the same – to which, I say, it seems as though audiences haven’t understood how this show will play out. Nevertheless, after episode 3, I find myself somewhat in that exact same position, and it might be because we only got one episode but I can’t help but feel a lack of plot developments in the overall narrative.

Now, to be clear, I still enjoyed the episode, and this is me nit-picking. And, I’m doing so with the full knowledge that sooner rather than later, Wandavision will pick up steam and it will be incredible. But, judging these past three episodes, I must ask whether (especially the first three episodes) Wandavision only relies on its format to carry the show.

I want the story to progress, not just rely on the format to keep me going. And, this is even more present when you take into account Wanda’s time-cutting abilities. It feels un-necessary to not give me any details and keep me guessing at what is happening.

But, I am still in awe and in love with the structure, creative direction and making of the show, and everything I said in my last review – I stand by. I love the concept, from the sitcom-orientated episodes (something I didn’t think I would like) to the ad-breaks in between. And, finally focusing on Wanda and Vision and giving them their chance to shine is a delight.

What I am saying needs to be clear, this episode is a good episode and has some really strong moments I will get into, and it is better than the first two episodes from a story-point. But, like I said because my standards were so low to begin with, or because we got two episodes last week, episode 3 feels like I’m not getting as much progress in terms of story as I would’ve liked.

Okay…… enough with the nit-picking that I know the final few episodes of Wandavision will fix. Episode three is a very strong episode, I don’t think it’s humour landed as great as episode two, but it really succeeded in creating a state of paranoia for Wanda and Vision, especially at the end of the episode. And once again, making the audience ask, if Wanda is the villain.


Although this is a spoiler-free review, the best part of the episode was an almost cable-like break in which it does the opposite of episode 1. And turns a serious moment into humour in less than a second, and that is where Wandavision thrives, playing the line. Another great thing about this episode is the aspect ratio change, it’s a small detail but it reminds me how much I love the format of the show.

This episode feels more like an MCU entry, Vision and Wanda using their powers, Wanda’s sokovian heritage being used to remind us about where Wanda came from. And, a wonderful call-back to Ultron which brings up old wounds that haven’t been mentioned since 2015.

Teyonah Parris as Geraldine has a great arc in the episode, which is what I wanted to see last week, Elizabeth Olsen is once again incredible as Wanda, and we get to see some more really good moments from her. Vision on the other hand is harder to praise but it isn’t entirely Paul Bettany’s fault. Paul Bettany is incredible but plays Vision with a slapstick comedy style, but everytime we’ve seen Vision beforehand he has been very……… robotic. But, because of the concept of the show, Vision needs to be played in that way, it will just take some getting used to.

I have a feeling this episode will be a much more enjoyable when you can binge all eight episodes at once. See you next week.


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