Here we are, at the annual update of my blog. Normally, prior to releasing an update post I would release several posts recapping the year and previewing the next. But because, I felt there was so much to say; I had intended to preview and review not only the year but the decade in a podcast (😲)

Unfortunately, I was not able to do that and so I will have to postpone that podcast until another day. A podcast was something that I had planned to do for quite a while now and is definitely something that is on my list to do in 2020. I, do still intent to release a post on the top films to watch from 2020 – it will just be a little while before it comes out.

2019 was a phenomenal year for me at this blog. As I constantly say, I started this blog in 2015, and I wasn’t sure how many people would read my stuff at all, and so to see this blog hit the heights it has now – is mind-boggling to me. I feel as though my writing has got better and I am now at a stage where I can review films and shows because I know what I am doing.

Just like last year, I wanted to share with you my favourite post of the year,; this post has a place in my heart mainly because I didn’t post this format as much as I would have liked. My ‘Most Annoying Moments: Marvel Cinematic Universe Quotes’, was a different type of post and so i hope that next year, I post more opinion based lists where I can share my *unpopular opinion*.

What else is there for me to say, expect I am honestly grateful for everyone that read this blog. And I hope that 2020 is at least half as successful for this blog as 2019 was.

Until then, here’s to another year hopefully. I hope you all have a great year. And goodbye 2019.



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