Hello. (if this is the first time you are seeing me and think I write a inspirational blog, I am not. It was just one hell of a title and I loved the picture).

I’m not sure how other people (I don’t think I get the luxury to call myself a blogger just quite yet) feel about these real life updates on their blogs, but I love them. Then again, I guess that just sums up my entire blog of ya, I’m the most narcissistic person you’ll ever see that loves to talk about how great he is.

In all seriousness though, 2018 has been a great year for my blog, I ‘celebrated‘ my 100th post 🎈 (is that a thing? I really don’t know), I got to write some more reviews outside of this blog and I embarked on a journey.

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What journey you ask? Well – I am so glad you asked; it’s called Reviewbruary (check it out here; please). And it was a month of reviewing films where….. you know what…… I spent every moment throughout the entire year (literally) plugging this. I guess it’ll just never take off. 😢

So whilst that sums up my 2018, I thought I should share my 2019 hopes and dreams. I; after starting my blog in 2015, never assumed I would be doing it for as long as I have been. The greatest element of this entire blog is that I get to improve constantly. There are certain posts I just can’t read again, and there others that I still think smash it out the park.


I don’t just want to sit here and blow my own horn, I do want to explain what will be happening with this blog. Firstly, I – from the bottom of my heart, do want to thank those that have read my stuff and enjoy it because it does mean a lot to me. I’ve said it about a hundred times, I only started this blog to rant about Avengers: Age of Ultron and I just stuck too it.

I guess my New Year’s Resolution for this blog is to try and be more consistent with my posting, I really did try this year guys, I really did! I published 85 posts this year alone, which is more than double of last years. But I guess I just want to release more relevant stuff.

Maybe (? I really don’t know I’m still an amateur) I shouldn’t say what my favourite post of the year was – similar to how a parent shouldn’t say who their favourite child is (we all know who it is though – don’t we?), but I have loved all these series’ I’ve done this year. Yes, Reviewbruary is my pride and joy (told you I plug it all the time) and I love my ‘Defences’, but I have really enjoyed making more opinion-based essay blogs. Like, ‘Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe Over-Rated?‘ and whether or not ‘Raj is a Problem In The Big Bang Theory‘, these are different posts I never really did before-hand. And I would say I hope to do more of those next year.

And regarding the future of the blog, I honestly don’t know what to say. I never wanted this blog to be something I had to do. And, at times it felt like that was something it became. But, I have never had as much fun as this year I loved blogging. I have no intention of stopping any-time soon, it just may be that I take many breaks next year. I have some amazing posts coming up soon, like ‘Avengers: Endgame Predictions’ and ‘Why do Disney live-action remakes work?’. And I will probably do a Reviewbruary Season 3 which will include a whole bunch of Oscar-nominated films to tie into my predictions for them (which I WILL AGAIN SMASH!).

What else is there for me to say. I guess I just hope that you stick around even when I don’t post (which will be inevitable)

Until then, here’s to another year hopefully. I hope you all have a great year. And goodbye 2018.

Adam Zenasni

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