After the successful return of the Jurassic Park franchise in 2015; 2018 brings its sequel: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Returning are Chris Pratt as Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing, and the ol’ good “dinosaur bites another dinosaur” shots in a very different and overly complicated plot which involves the destruction of the island and the worst of humanity attempting to weaponise and profit off the dinosaurs. After a volcano is set to erupt on Islar Nubar that will wipe out all of the dinosaurs, they find themselves all alone. Set three years after the fourth, Claire Dearing has created a group to save the dinosaurs, after the U.S deem they will not intervene all seems lost, until Claire is contacted by a mysterious billionaire who wants to save the dinosaurs and has a safe land waiting for them. After Claire recruits Owen to get the dinosaurs, it soon becomes clear not all is as was promised, and Claire and Owen find themselves having to save themselves, save the dinosaurs from extinction, save the dinosaurs from humans and face their own problems that have occurred after the end of the fourth film.

Day 14


Upon immediate reflection, my reaction to the film was this is “all a bit too much“. It is overkill, there are about three movies that could have been told instead of this one,one film could have been on the actual extinction of the island, another on the hunt for the dinosaurs and then another on the worst of humanity, they may not have been good or better than the movie we got, but what I am trying to say is too much is going on in this movie. Furthermore, it is quite hard to say this, especially considering they are fricking dinosaurs, but a part of me just felt like this entire film was too out there – like how many genetically modified dinosaurs do they think I care about?I couldn’t relate, which is something that the films have done, allowing us to see what would have happened had the dinosaurs lived.

As to why I gave the film a B-. I had to put my feeling aside about how I think the direction of the plot was a step too far, and actually ask is it a good film, I think there are some really cool and fun action scenes, with the island’s destruction being one of the highlights, the under-water scene as well but I don’t think it was a cohesive complete film but rather just really cool scenes thrown in.  All that being said, I think ultimately Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is enjoyable but in terms of storytelling basic as hell, its tools are what we have got many a times, you want to watch dinosaurs and you get dinosaurs, you get the “good” dinosaur fights “bad” dinosaur, you get this new obsession of having a brand new mixture of dinosaur even though there is progression with the plot, you still get everything you would expect in the sense of its action. The story itself is a step way, way, way to big, but the actual instruments of the storytelling is the same as we have seen many times before. Whilst watching the film I went in and out of liking this movie many, many times, and I was honestly convinced I hated it  – but if you know me, you know I am a sucker for nicely wrapped up stories, and Jeff Goldblum’s this is now “Jurassic World” as the final line of the movie was beautiful and made me actually like it.

There is so much too talk about in the plot of the film alone, I could go on for a very long time, so far I have only discussed how the dinosaurs were stupid and have yet to touch on the humans. Honestly speaking, one of the moments that I made me convinced I hated this film was when the humans were taking dinosaurs back to the mansion and were kept there. Like what the hell is going on, not only that but I have never seen a more useless character than the grandfather. And just in case you thought that genetically modified dinosaurs were as stupid as the plot got ….. you….. were…… wrong; because there is a clone that is his granddaughter. Yep, robots. So, all these moments made me convinced I hated it but then there are some really cool scenes, like the under water scene, and the volcano erupting and them on the boat and the dinosaur screaming out as they watch on. Visually, it was great which is quite impressive, and then the ending made me like it as Goldblum said that it is now Jurassic World. I just wish we had more time on the island, because I think that was when I was having the most fun, and like I said before, when they got to the mansion I was just like “what the hell is going on here?”

The main two actors do everything they can to save the movie, once again putting in solid shifts. But, the problem with Jurassic World is it is too silly, I understand that in a film with dinosaurs you shouldn’t say that but it just felt too much. It felt like it was setting up the next instalment, which in a way, I applaud, if you look at Last Jedi; it has no idea where it is going next, tell me what the next film will be about. At the very least, the filmmakers have made it so that the next film is a continuation. Which leads me nicely onto the future, and my very last little complaint (nitpick) about the over complicated story, now that the dinosaurs are free, why wouldn’t they just kill everyone and everything, that is what they tried to do in the fourth and in the fifth! Also, how the hell is the dinosaur that escaped at the beginning not killing everyone it finds, and no-one ever noticed it? But, just as I said before hand, at the very least this sets up the next film.

A film that takes the franchise just a bit too far, but is still enjoyable. I give Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom a 6.5 out of 10 or a B-.



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