Set in the future, A Quiet Place follows a family that consists of a determined father (John Krasinski), a resilient mother (Emily Blunt), a curious daughter (Millicent Simmonds) and a scared son (Noah Jupe), all as they try to live in a world where the must be as quiet as possible to survive. Whilst it is a scary concept; it is a reminder that this is the daughter’s daily life as she is deaf. After the family lose someone close to them, it takes a toll on each family member, worst of all the daughter who blames herself for the role she played in the incident. A Quiet Place is a redefining horror film that includes some amazing acting, and a fantastic premise by the star of the film (and his directional debut) John Krasinski.

Day 13


I loved Quiet Place, it is a great new and fresh idea, with some great acting and a fantastic way to innovate what a horror film is and how it is delivered to the audience. I think the premise is a thing of genius, and I really did thoroughly enjoy this film is every sense. But, ultimately I don’t want to say every film that is different is great so I must critique it. I loved the film – I really did, and the only reason I rated it lower is because of the ending, and how I think it is a very simplistic film. Of course that isn’t bad, because that allows the family dynamics to shine through but I think the film could have really befitted from a larger role for someone like the daughter. Although she was fantastic and the whole basis of the film is about family, and the relationships between them all [which I loved], I would’ve liked more focus on where she went to when she ran away. But, even though I have said it is quite simplistic I really liked how much was going on in the film, with each family member having their own story line, the father trying to save the mother, the son stepping up to fill the fathers shoe, the daughter’s guilt and so on.

As well as loving the relationships between the family in the film, I loved how the entire movie was silent and how they built suspense, how every scene and plot added to the suspense, just like that nail scene where I was screaming long before it actually happened. I loved the entire family and the massive shock at the beginning of the film where they just killed the son off was fantastic. Of course not having seen anything about it, I was shocked when it actually happened, and I love how the repercussion followed the family so we saw how it impacted each family member. But, I can’t just sit here and explain all the great things in the film without talking about that ending. I think people hate the ending for different reasons, I hate it because it felt so out-of-place in the movie and it felt so out of place in the scene. Especially considering moments before we had a gut-wrenching scene where the father sacrifices himself for his children. It the goes on to feel like a different film and that is my biggest problem, not that fact that they leave it on a cliffhanger or that it seems unpractical for them to get out but the change in tone.

You also kind of have to also throw logic off a cliff or in this instance a waterfall (­čśë) in order to really love the film; you can sit there and nit-pick; (which is what those I watched this with did) but ultimately the freshness of the film, the acting, the suspense is worth it and makes this a good film even if it doesn’t necessarily make sense. I can give the lack of logic and that ending a pass because of the idea and concept. So I am kind of worried about how a sequel would go about following up to this without tarnishing the original.

A really great film. I give A Quiet Place a 8/10 or an A-.


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