It has been a very long time since I last did a trailer reaction, in fact it was when I reacted to the very first Wonder Woman 1984 trailer. But, just as everyone else on Twitter, I have been waiting for the second Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer for what feels like decades. And knew, I had to write something about it.

Being somewhat of a film-buff, I don’t think I have every seen a film like Spider-Man and will never see another like it. Every time I log onto Twitter, I get bombarded with ‘leaked pictures’ or trending phrases like Tobey or Andrew. Everyday ‘#SpiderManNoWayHome’ is trending. It is relentless! I have never witnessed ‘hype’ for a movie like this one.

Hell, it was announced the movie would be hitting the UK two days before the USA, and I saw people on Twitter losing their minds! Every Marvel film is released to the UK a few days earlier!! It’s the only reason I manage to get my review out in time for the hype 😂

Coming into the trailer, I truly had no idea what to expect, am I finally going to see the holy trinity of TAT? (Tobey, Andrey and Tom – I made that up; so I’m copyrighting that). The answer was no, and I am glad, because if they are in the movie I would like to leave something to see whilst I am in the cinema.

What we get instead is a look at the five villains, and a better understanding of what the movie will be. I really liked the Peter Parker’s opening line saying how only one week of his life has felt normal and I do hope, that amongst all the shenanigans a grounded story is still able to take place. Something I have no doubt will occur, especially with the inclusion of MJ and Ned.

But, there are so many questions. Can this movie pull off something that essentially killed the last two series’? Will all these villains and reported heroes take anything away from the main point of the movie; Tom Holland’s Peter Parker? Will the movie build upon the themes embedded in the first two Spider-Man films?

These questions don’t come from the point of view that anyone involved in this movie isn’t ‘good enough’, but rather, from what is rumoured to be in the movie, it is all, well……… a lot of movie. And anyone would struggle to pull off, hell, the last two series of films were killed by having three villains, and this one will have at least five.

Thanks for reading. My God! I can’t wait for this film


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