This is a spoiler-free review.

After not posting for almost a month, I have done the remarkable and posted two reviews in one day! Although I may use needing to write this review as an excuse as to why I have binged five episodes of Money Heist, the truth is I absolutely adore La Casa De Papel, and would have binged twenty episodes.

Having reviewed Part 4, I am lucky that I did an extensive set-up in that review as to what the show is and the systemic problem the show faced, faces and will face no matter what. Having not watched any of dose of Money Heist since the release of Part 4 in April 2020, I was unsure as to why I loved the show so much. And it took me no time whatsoever to remember why I love this show so much. – I’m a Money Heist fan.

Part 5 picks up with Lisbon entering the bank and Sierra finding the Professor’s hideout. And don’t worry, like I said – it’s been more than a year since I watched Money Heist, and they include a very helpful summary at the beginning of the first episode to remind you what happened last season.

Money Heist Season 5 First Look Photos Tease the End of the Spanish Hit  Series | Entertainment News

The new season of Money Heist is exactly what I remember, exciting, fresh, and powerful – with incredible characters that the audience come to care for. And the time that has passed since the last season helps the audience rediscover the love for the show, plus with this volume only being five episodes, it makes easy viewing. Before you know it, you’re on episode 5 at 2am and think to yourself: why not?

Although I have praised the halfling of the final season, and I will go onto praise it again later, the splitting of the final season over two volumes is a clear indication to drag the show on as long as possible and continue its success. That was the case after the first season found success too, which I explain in my Part 4 review.

Netflix's 'Money Heist Season 5' Trailer Out: What to Expect from the Show

But even though, this volume may be to extend the legacy of the show, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. The release of a volume allows the episodes to have a clearer focus on the characters and allows so much to happen and stay fresh in your mind as supposed to binging ten episodes and forgetting something amazing that happened at the beginning of the season.

But I love how Money Heist is able to evolve yet not take anything away from the original reasons you love the show. It is able to deliver shocks through major, loved characters dying yet their presence is always felt because of the way the show embeds their story with the one that is being played out in present times.

Money Heist Season 5 First Look Photos Tease the End of the Spanish Hit  Series | Entertainment News

Whilst Part 5 so far is very strong, and delivers some fan satisfying moments as well as gut-wrenching ones, the strongest part of the show (like I mentioned) is the characters and their dynamics, growth, and depth. A few characters are underutilised but as I said, I fully believe this is because this is only the first half of the season. And the show has the ability to turn that around in one episode because other characters also felt under-used, but Money Heist is so talented in its writing, one episode undoes it all.

La Casa De Papel always has shocks, however so far, this season didn’t seem to have that many shocking moments, or whatever intended to be shocking had no negative impact. Until of course the season finale, which not only delivers a shock but a genuinely beautiful moment between two characters that gets you right in the feels. And so, although I criticised the decision to split the final season into two parts, the end of episode five is a natural way to round off the Volume.

Here are more photos from Money Heist season 5 - Netflix Junkie

The cast brings their A-game as per usual, with me really liking Sierra a lot more this season! This show still has my heart, and although deep down inside I may know that the show would’ve gone down as one of the best shows ever had it ended after Volume 2. A part of me hopes they create many more seasons, and I continue to be wrapped up in this Money Heist love!

Thanks guys! Check out another post! I’ll be back on 3rd December to review the final volume.😥


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