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Wonder Woman got a new trailer as part of DC Fandome – a virtual convention where DC related content will debut through panels, after Comic-Con’s cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arguably, the best thing about DC Fandome is that this Wonder Woman trailer is the first of so much to come, and it is a delight for all the fans that have been so deprived for the last few months

Whilst I did enjoy the first film, the final act and villain let the film done massively. Upon announcement of this sequel I was very sceptical about it, just because I didn’t see how it could work, bringing back Steve, and with the casting announcements

Even with the release of the first trailer, it wasn’t something that necessarily excited me. I really enjoyed the more vibrant and colourful look as well as Wonder Woman’s new looks, but it never put my concerns at ease because it didn’t show any of the story.

But, wow. this second trailer really does manage to excite me, and I’m not sure whether its because I’m excited to get a blockbuster after so long but I am really looking forward to watching it

The trailer put so much to ease, because Steve coming back seems brilliant in how they’ve brought him back, and I love the role reversal in Diana teaching Steve everything he’s missed after Steve taught Diana everything.

However, I am a little confused at how everything will work out with the whole ‘anything you dream of, you can have’ because surely there would be more threats to Wonder Woman.

Kristen Wiig's Cheetah holds her own opposite Gal Gadot in new ...

But above all else, Kristen Wiig as Cheetah was the most fascinating decision, and this trailer makes it seem like it’ll work. I like how she is a regular human and she wants to go up in the world. But, she does give me Electro vibes from The Amazing Spider Man 2

Just in the sense that I don’t think Cheetah will be the main villain, which I think will be Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord. Which I fear will under-cut her character and what she could have been. Or she might become an ally and help fight alongside Diana, which is something (again) I feel as though I’ve seen so many times.

Nevertheless, DC Fandome is a raging success, and I can’t wait to watch WW84 in cinemas.


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