Cobrai Kai? Really? Why? That was my reaction to any news I have ever seen about that show. Whether it be a comment on twitter, or an article or even a YouTube video.

Cobra Kai? I would never watch that, hell – even if they put it on YouTube for free I wouldn’t watch it. Well, they did put it on YouTube for free and I still didn’t watch it. Instead, like the predictable idiot I am, I watched Cobra Kai after seeing it for the thousandth time on NETFLIX.

But, boy, have I been shocked at just how much I’ve enjoyed Cobra Kai. And more importantly I’ve been shocked at the standard of the show. Whilst, of course not a masterpiece, it is actually a good show, made by clear lovers of the material.

Cobra Kai' Renewed For Season 4 By Netflix, Season 3 Premiere Date –  Deadline

As, you’ll no doubt not be surprised if you’ve ever read one of my other posts, I am not exactly a fan of Karate Kid, with it being before my time. It was always something my brothers would talk about, and I watched on television as they’ll force me

And. so, I cannot stress how sceptical I was in watching the show, but the one thing that stood out to me was the clear love the creators had for the original material. Whilst, yes there is the typical ‘high-school drama’ you get in a show surrounding teenagers it also comes with a level of maturity as those high-school storylines are grounded by the adults, two adults we consider heroes who find themselves on opposing sides.

I was so shocked in the quality of the show, and it was evident in the season finale where I found myself mesmerised by the action set-piece between the teenagers. I’m not naive enough to pretend that because I am no longer a teenager, shows like this are not targeted towards me, nor do I pretend I no longer enjoy a show like this or Europhia because I’ve now surpassed the age of the characters in the show.

Cobra Kai' review: Johnny's complex now — ain't that a kick in the head -  Chicago Sun-Times

But, for Cobra Kai, the worst part of the show was the teenage aspect, it just wasn’t anything special, but I completely understood why these storylines needed to happen no matter how cringey. I was just never a fan of having the spotlight on the teenagers and not the adults. But then, when, in the season finale there is an epic brawl in the high school between these children. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them, I found myself on the edge of my seat.

So that aspect of the show, the one I didn’t particularly like, looks to have (just for a little while) redeemed itself, the aspects I love, promise to only grow. The best part of Cobra Kai, is the dynamics and relationships between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, their children, their philosophies, and the way their lives have turned out.

From being so sceptical, I’m now so in love with this show that the saddest part to me is that this show can’t continue for many more seasons to come because the children will need to grow up. And Cobra Kai is so fresh, with each episode being 30 minutes long, it passes by in no time.

So, I thought I’ll write a little pre-face about the show before I watch the third season and most likely review that as well. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out my next post which will be a wrap-up of 2020

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