After The Mandalorian stole the entire conversation last year when it’s first season was released on Disney+, I knew I wouldn’t couldn’t allow myself to miss out on the conversation when the second season was released. And, so I binged the first season ready for the second season to start and to finally be involved in a Star Wars conversation, a franchise that I had always thought I was too young for.

But, what I didn’t expect was just how much I would fall in love with this show. I was hooked from the very first moment, I need not explain why this show is so great – because there is a reason you’re reading this review, but the second season adds brilliantly to what the first season crafted, building upon these characters, their relationships, dynamics as well as introducing new characters.

That makes me want to go and see more of them (well, definitely Boba Fett, we’ll see about the rest). I know, their introduction is purely to sell me another show on Disney+, but I don’t care. I’m all in. For the first time in my lifetime, I can say I am all in for this Star Wars franchise. Kathleen Kennedy, I don’t know how you did it, but here we are.

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So, onto the season, how good is it? Well, hindsight is always something hard to instil after you’ve watched a season finale, and that is when I am writing this review, but quite frankly I love the second season, the final four episodes of the season have been incredible television.

Here I sit, insisting I don’t go overboard in my praise, knowing I will read this again in a year and cringe when I read how much I loved the second season, remembering the nothing special first few episodes of the season. In which it felt as though the whole world was waiting for the season to begin.

But, what I loved most about the season was its organic progression, throughout the first season, it felt as though just when the Mandalorian was getting into its groove or overall story, it would take an episode off as ‘a filler’. And, so you can clearly identify, a story episode and a filler episode.

The Mandalorian Chapter 16 Official Still

The term ‘filler’ is a word I promised myself I wouldn’t use after I had to endure an entire season of it on The Walking Dead. But, the season as a whole started incredibly slow and it definitely may irritate people, but it wasn’t something that annoyed me. Watching The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda sit around for an episode would be enough for me because I care about their relationship.

Their father and son dynamic is the heart of the show, and so even though the ‘filler’ episodes may not be action enticing, every episode always built that relationship, and it allows the season to thrive later on. Season 2 takes episodes very early on to allow the groundwork to be built for the amazing pay-offs the season has at the end.

Like, last week’s episode, Chapter 15, whilst some could consider filler, provides character growth for Din Djarin himself, and really propels the hero of the show to the centre stage. In one of the first few episodes of Season 2, the show introduces a new Mandalorian which adds more weight to the decision Din makes later on in chapter 15.

Throughout the first season, Baby Yoda was enough to tie me over, even in an episode I didn’t particularly enjoy. So, it was surprising that I loved Chapter 15, with it being the first episode that doesn’t feature even a glimpse of Baby Yoda and yet, not once did I find myself thinking about him. I must also praise Bill Burr for his performance in that episode, just because I won’t mention him again.

The Mandalorian Chapter 16 Official Still
Chapter 16: The Rescue Review

The finale, itself, is beyond anything I had envisioned before I had pressed play on the episode, of course I had my hopes in term of action and storylines, but I was not expecting what came and I, like I’ve mentioned I in no way associate myself as a Star Wars fan, and can only imagine the state of joy Star Wars fans would have.

Everything works in the finale, the action is incredible, the emotion is heart-breaking, the editing of action scenes, the character dynamics and relationships that are strengthened throughout the season, as many are together for the first time, and also for the last time make the entire season worth it. I want this review to be a spoiler free one so I will stop there.

But, a easy criticism to make about the finale, is why must the show wait until the last episode to give a villain like Moss Gideon their time to shine, instead of having him as a steady influence throughout the show and giving Giancarlo Esposito the chance to shine, it seems as though he is hardly in the show

And, like I said I want this review to be a spoiler free one but I need to say that….. even though CGI was used I was so happy they managed to bring the original back even if it did feel very weird to watch. But, hey, don’t bite the hand that feeds you

And, finally, whilst I watched the first season for Baby Yoda, it must be said I am beyond thrilled that Pedro Pascal will go onto be the talk of the town in the coming weeks as he stars in the upcoming WW84, and he is absolutely incredible throughout the show, and I just hope I see him again.

And of course, whatever Giancarlo Esposito is given he smashes out the park as does the entire cast, and the finale works so well because it feels like it is the conclusion of the show and I am in a weird state where I am happy if this is the end of the show but every part of me wants to see a third season.

Thanks for reading, I would definitely watch the season, and remember just because an episode is a filler doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable. And, funnily enough, the only episode of the season I reviewed was the worst one.


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