Surprise!! Here I am writing a review for a show of a franchise I promised myself I would never try to get into again. But, after seeing all the buzz surrounding The Mandalorian I decided to give it a go, and I am in love with the show

So, I knew I needed to review the series episode by episode, only leaving the review for the first episode too long and missing the chance to review it. But, here I am with my review for the second episode of the second season

The season opener definitely kicked the season off with a bang, although not the level I had expected after an incredibly strong first season, the first episode of season 2 set the bar high for the rest of the season. And laid the groundwork seamlessly to solve the issues the season has faced behind the scenes (which we’ll talk about when – and if – it gets to that).

Following up from last week’s premiere, ‘Chapter 10: The Passenger’ is almost the opposite in many ways. Whilst, it is still action-packed (and I really enjoyed the space-ship battle), the episode is smaller in every way. Its a standalone story following our Mandalorian stuck on a freezing planet fighting off spiders and protecting ‘The Passenger’, a frog lady.

The smaller second episode is what is to be expected from the show, as this was the case for the first season. The show alternates between smaller scale episodes and bigger episodes that work towards the overarching storyline of the season.

Although a smaller episode, the show puts its breakout star front and centre, and it gives ‘The Child’ its time to shine. And, if there is anything regarding the show that is 100% true and that the creators know, we can never have enough Baby Yoda. I loved the episode based purely on the amount of shots we got of Baby Yoda eating!

The fascinating thing about The Mandalorian is there is a different director every episode. Whilst this is normal, the speciality with this show is that every director is a big name, this week’s director is Peyton Reed, who directed Ant-Man and the Wasp, and, his influence is felt in the episode.

You can tell the more comedy centric aspect of the episode, with even The Mandalorian taking the opportunity to add to the humour and the I did really enjoy when Mando was speaking to the two pilots and saying whatever needed to be said in order to pass through.

So, all in all whilst not an amazing episode, it was certainly one that I enjoyed, whether that was because of the storyline or Baby Yoda, I can’t quite tell but I am looking forward to seeing whatever is next, even if it is another smaller episode so long I get more Baby Yoda


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