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The Boys returned for its second season on Friday (4th September), and after being slow to watch the first season but falling in love with it, I was determined to review the second season on the day of release, but… as you can tell, today is not the day of release.

Alas, that is not my fault as Amazon has delivered the season in a different way, staging it over weeks as supposed to the usual routine. And so, I thought I would wait until the entire season is out and review it fully, but because today is a special day for my blog, I could not just let it pass without a post.

On what is the day of my fifth year anniversary, I knew I had to deliver a post, and I though what better post could I make than a quick review of a show that I have been looking forward to for some time, and will dominate my watching schedule for the new few weeks.

The Boys Cast Will Announce the Season 2 Date During Streaming Reunion

The first season of The Boys was a hit in every sense of the word, as it offered a freshness to an over-wise populated genre in recent years. And, I promise, that is the last time I will use the term ‘fresh’ or any associated word in this post, just because the most popular explanation of why this show is so amazing seems to be because ‘it’s different’.

Season 2 (…..oddly enough!) picks up where Season 1 left off (…..crazy that!). Butcher is missing after attempting to blow Homelander to hell alongside a slain Madeleine as revenge for his wife, only to be taken to his wife by Homelander, where Homelander meets his son for the first time all in front of a bamboozled Butcher. And, The Boys manage to escape the clutches of A-Train with some help from Starlight.

The Boys Season 2 is a lesson on toxic masculinity

In the new season, Homelander is determined to train his son, and assert the dominance in all aspects of his life once again, as he once had in Madeleine’s heyday. All this, leaves The Boys in a very sorry state, as they are in hiding after Butcher’s actions, making them the most wanted people in all of America as they are being blamed for the murder of Madeleine.

However, Annie (Starlight) is still fighting the good fight, with Hughie sneaking out to help and guide her in the right direction. Annie, herself is battling her own problems as A-Train can awake at any moment and blow the whistle on her operation all whilst maintaining the Vought image alongside a new outrageous member of the Seven.

The Boys season 2 review: Karl Urban series is an absolute humdinger |  Entertainment News,The Indian Express

Season 2 starts off well, and after viewing the first three episodes, what I can say is the season has not only started off strong but has also so much promise in in where it can go. Season 2 manage to find a balance that the first season didn’t have as it is a parody of superheroes lives, whilst also having an actual threat to defeat in the super-terrorists that makes room for awesome action scenes, like the one we get in the third episode.

Arguably the greatest thing about The Boys is that there is still so much more to come, and so much more to explore not only in the sense of getting more of what you loved in the first season but also in character development. We already have got a hint that the season will take a deeper look at Black Noir, and I’m interested in seeing where Deep’s story line goes from here.

The new characters introduced all fit in seamlessly and provide a new dimension to the show, like the new character Stormfront, and the introduction of Giancarlo Esposito is amazing, with both of the new additions adding to the already established balance of the show between The Boys, Vought and Homelander.

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