This synopsis will be like the review, quick and straight to the point. Dwayne Johnson stars as Davis Okoye in a film and role you swear you have seen before but this time is with him with big animals just before you go watch the same film with him as an amputee. Davis wants to save his friend George – an albino gorilla (alongside a crocodile and a wolf) who have mutated into a monster due to being exposed to some sort of drug, Davis must find a cure and so recruits the creator of the drug Kate Caldwell, as they look to stop the other two monsters and save George. I give Rampage a 5.5 out of 10 or a C-.

Day 9


When it comes to review Rampage, I have to draw the line somewhere – is it a bad film – of course not, how can any film where Dwayne Johnson fights huge animals be terrible, what it is is pointless, I did not care for one second and just sat down a watched it. I won’t watch it again, but if it is on TV, why not? It isn’t bad in the sense of having a brain-numbing film but it is a pointless film and more importantly it is a film we have all seen a million times, and you will see a million more times. The villains are terrible but it is a Dwayne Johnson film, and he plays himself so well, damn it.

And, I am sure some will say why is the ranking so high or low, but that is because what do you really expect when you go and see this film, do you expect a masterpiece – no, so I am not upset with what I got, because what do you want, you want action, comedy, maybe a cool side character who kind of come to care about (Morgan), and you get all those things whilst Dwayne Johnson is being his amazing self again. It might be a little silly but what did you expect, it’s one man fighting giant monsters.

Whilst I might not watch this exact movie again I will definitely watch his next film which is the exact same movie because it is Dwayne Johnson, but it isn’t like it is coming out any time soon right…

Related image

Oh. I guess that will be San Andreas with a amputee and Rampage is San Andreas with huge monsters

Its Dwayne Johnson with a massive ape fighting a massive wolf and crocodile which look cool – what else did you expect. I give Rampage a 5.5 out of 10 or a C-.


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