Ooooooooooo, I can not wait. There isn’t that long left, the trailers have looked amazing and have done such a good job in pumping me up for the seventh season. I know that this upcoming season is going to be amazing, and to pass the time, I thought it would be fun to rank Game of Thrones seasons in terms of amazing-ness.


What more needs to be said than Dorne? I don’t think that Dorne was necessarily a bad idea, it’s just that it potential just wasn’t fulfilled. Dorne isn’t the only reason Season 5 sucked, everything that you didn’t particularly like happened in this season. Arya was not a total bad ass, she was stuck being told she didn’t have name. What ever was going on in Westeros with Cercei, allowing the High Sparrow to actually have some power, (I expected more from Cercei), the only good thing was Margary. RIP Margary ❤️ 😢. The only good thing that happened in Season 5 was Tyrion becoming Daenerys’ hand. But ultimately, it was so frustrating just how far Daenerys went back, for example she had the dragons, she had Tyrion, go fight and take the throne. But no, she stays and loses even more time. And let us not forget some of the disturbing things that happened – burning your daughter. A blessing did occur though, Bran didn’t appear. 🙌🏽  And there were some standout scenes that Jon Snow scene , the Night King raising all those dead White Walkers scene.


Season 2 was stellar in it’s delivery, helping to build characters, but it just seemed to take too small a baby step. Looking back at it now, I don’t think any season has been fantastic but instead has just had fantastic episodes and battles. And the defining episode of this season was “Blackwater”, that being said there was no other big episode or big death. It is just unfortunate that it follows Games of Thrones’ first season and is followed by (my personal favourite) season 3. As mentioned “Blackwater” gives a glimpse of the visual capability Game of Thrones had at the time and had begun to show just how amazing Tryion was. But, as per usual there are some WTF moments – that shadow baby. Tyrion excels in the season, Snow is off loving Ygritte and staying undercover and everyone’s favourite Arya is stealing the show interacting with Tywin and Jaime is off with Brinne a weird but wonderful partnership. But – where is Daenerys you ask? She was in Qarth, boring, slow Qarth.


Ah, a simpler time. Season 1 being in fifth place does in no way mean it was a bad season. It just shows the quality of these seasons that I couldn’t put season 1 any higher. I mean, the biggest shock was the death of Ned Stark but apart from that I can’t seem to remember anything else. Maybe the reason the season is so low, is because it was so long ago that I cannot remember it as well. I really likes Khal Drogo as well, and we got to see Daenerys evolve.


Season 4 had the hardest job of all, follow up Season 3 in some way or another. And, boy did it – granting every fanboy and every human being their wishes – the death of Joffrey. And can we not forget that Tyrion had an absolute stand out scene – the one where he is on trial. Arya is off with the Hound (another amazing subplot).


I really wanted to put season 6 higher but I couldn’t. Everything came together of so nicely, it has finally become the show of the earlier seasons, something I think Season 5 lost. It was like the ending of the second and third acts – Darnerys finally travelled to Westeros, the Battle of the Bastards occurred, Ramsay died, Sansa was reunited with Jon, Jon Snow got resurrected, Cercei blew the house down, Hodor died😢. All in all – an amazing season.

eefd37ec-feea-4e7f-878f-8d4c7d808687-635-00000062e18a16de-1 This has to be at number one. It is what really turned this series into a must watch – the Red Wedding in itself was what kept viewers, many had stopped watching but you escape the buzz around Game of Thrones after season 7. Brienne and Jaime were fantastic, the Hound and Arya were fantastic. And – poor, poor Theon. Reek was born and so to was Ramsay. Season 3 has to be the standout season thus far.

There it is. GoT seasons ranked – don’t get me wrong their is hardly anything between them and they are all of the same calibre (maybe not s5 – not even that Jon Snow scene could save it).

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