Killing Eve’s third season returned much earlier than expected, with AMC and BBC deciding to air Killing Eve to capitalise upon the lack of television on at the moment. The first season of Killing Eve was a breath of fresh air, as it was a new take on a spy-thriller that had a quirky, dark comedic element and had a romance fuelled by sexual energy between two well created and crafted characters

And, so after the success of the first season, a second was commissioned and so to a third, and a fourth. And much of the success of the first season must be accredited to Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and her decision to pass the torch on for the second season was distinct, as a difference in quality could be seen. Season 3 also saw a change in writers, and as a result, never feels as good as it once did.

Season 3 is still impressive, it definitely gets its mojo back towards the end of the season, with the beginning feeling underwhelming. But, that is more as a result of the second season. Season 2 ended with a ‘death in Rome’, as Villanelle shoots Eve and runs away.  So, the beginning of the third season picks up these pieces six months later, as we find Eve has shut herself away from the world, and is working as a chef in a restaurant

Whilst, Villanelle has moved on, and even got married to a Spanish woman (don’t worry, it’s never mentioned again)! And, for the very first time, in what had thus far, been a fresh, fast-paced, thrilling show, has, in one way or another regressed and taken these two mammoth characters out of the cat and mouse chase they have endured and is at the centre of the show.

Killing Eve' Season 3, Episode 4: "Still Got It," Explained ...

Throughout every second of the first season, and even most of the second, these two titans seemed matched in everything they do. And, it seems even within the very first episode, the series tries its hardest to undo all of that work, and development in order to rebuild it. And, whilst it can rebuild that tension between the two of them, which is beautifully executed in ‘the bus scene’. By, doing so it also changes the structure of the show in the sense of story. As Villanelle changes a new dream, and Eve is left in a position where she is an outsider to the story.

Now, in no way or shape does that not mean series three isn’t amazing! It, just means it wasn’t what is once was. I’ve seen others claim the fourth should be announced as the last because “killing is mercy”, but I think the third season has plenty of positives, and Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer have such a great dynamic that they will always succeed, and the show will always work.

With, Eve and Villanelle’s relationship discussed, what the third season does really well is deliver development for other characters, Carolyn Martens is given much more emotional depth, and is well developed throughout the season, portrayed brilliantly by Fiona Shaw. There are also, new additions to the cast like Paul (Steve Pemberton), Jamie (Danny Sapani) and Dasha (Harriet Walter), the latter manages to bring out a different, and needed side of Villanelle. And, of course Konstantin Vasiliev (Kim Bodnia) is brilliant as his intentions are unravelled and we learn more about him.

I’ve never been opposed to trying different stylistic episodes, and Killing Eve tries a different style of episode, which for the most part manages to work. But, comes at a time that seems to slow down the show, just as it is finally heating up. Season 3 is still very visually pleasing, as the killings are imaginative (even though, slightly less than in the first season), and the scenes where Villanelle dresses as a clown was some of my favourite from the season

The difference is felt in the first few episodes as a killer blow is delivered to audiences, but because of the way it seems the show had abandoned its structure, doesn’t hit as hard as it could have because these characters had been regressed and shown to have moved on from where the show once was.

That being said, the shock was incredible and really opened other character up and developed them further. But, as the season continues shocks are still delivered, with one (as well as the one mentioned above) really taking me by surprise, and showing the show is still courageous enough to switch things up.

As was the case for the second season, the third season is not Killing Eve at its very best, but I think the series finds it footing towards the end of the series, and delivers some very thrilling and shocking moments, which it hits the nail on the head with. But, there are moments in this show that just do not make sense from a logical point of view, like; the amount of times Villanelle has gone from and to being an enemy to ‘The Twelve’. And, so, I am interested in how they will approach finally tying up these story-threads,.

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Adam Zenasni

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