Before the release of the fourth season of 13 Reasons I thought I would recap season 3 with a quick review. Thirteen Reasons Why is a show covered in controversy, but whose first season, especially in 2017, was a phenomenon. As this is a quick review, I will just say the third season really isn’t anything like the show that I was once so invested in.

Whilst, the season starts off well it just fades away into nothingness. A secondary plot point surrounding the aftermath of Tyler’s anger makes everything around it so much less interesting, because I would be rather watching that story line than the one I’m stuck with.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Review: 7 Ups & 5 Downs

There are multiple issues in the season, that I’m frankly not going to get into, but the main plot is about the death of Bryce Walker, as the third season attempts to redeem him. And quite frankly, as for the actual story point; I never really saw a reason to continue watching, because I don’t care about Bryce, and characters that are introduced are not making me want to stay.

It’s almost as if the creators had known the story of Ani was already far fetched (a new student who has nothing to do with anything, suddenly having a key part) and knew she may not get the best reaction and is why they never committed to a story between her and Clay, or even her and Bryce.

As is true for this show; the creators tend to drag everything out. But unlike season 1 where I was invested in the show and I wanted to see the 13 reasons, this just felt like the writers were purposely filling these episodes to make the 13 episode count

13 Reasons Why season 3 recap | Season 1-3, what's happened so far ...

And, boy does this show drag. Characters drag, Ani drags. I don’t just want to sit here and tear her apart like so many others have but she (unlike Hannah – and this is key) is just an exposition machine that tells the police everything in the hope that her detective skills can make them forget everything

Furthermore, and honestly sadly: the worst part of the show is that the main antagonist has become the one character I can not stand. Clay becomes so hard to deal with throughout the season. Ani picks up the narration – in a clever storytelling way which (as I will get into) seems really cool and clever in the first episode, but gets more annoying by the episode until you’re not sure why they are still playing with the aspect ratio (and I’m pretty sure the colour filter).

13 Reasons Why' kills off a major character in season 3 | Engadget

Ani has faced a lot of backlash from the fans, and I did not mind her. But, mid way through the show the writers let her get tangled in a weird kinda love triangle which is never committed too.

The season was ultimately boring and it just felt dragged out. I kept waiting for the meat of the sandwich; which was the mysterious ‘Homecoming’. I kept waiting for it to come, and when it finally did (ep10) I didn’t even notice. Ultimately, the story line was not rich enough, instead of having a interwoven story line with the entire last (however) months. It felt like it was ‘this is what happened last summer’ and then skip to ‘homecoming’.

My first and probably last quick review. Thanks


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