Whilst The Walking Dead’s quality has been steadily declining since its seventh season, Fear The Walking Dead has found its mojo. What started off as an obligation to at least give a shot because I was a TWD fan then turned into a show that I preferred to watch than the original. And although the first three seasons have its problems, the second and third are really good. The story progresses, the characters come into their own and the creators aren’t afraid to actually do something with the show. It is worth pointing out, I have never not binged FTWD. I binged the entire first season, then I waited and binged the second and third and then I binged the fourth. I seriously recommend this to you, FTWD is a show that is made to binge and would excel on NETFLIX.





The fourth season is different, different doesn’t mean worse but it also doesn’t mean better.  Season 4 wipes the slate clean and brings in new characters and new development for Morgan. It is meant to be a reboot, yet feels like a completely different show, this isn’t bad but it also isn’t what I have become accustom to over the last four years. It really is weird, because although the original three seasons could have been much better, they really weren’t that bad, so bad that I wanted to watch a different show (lets exclude the first season). So, although I agreed something needed to change in the show, changing the entire structure and focus of the show makes it feel …… different. That isn’t the first time you’ve heard me say that and it isn’t the last because I really don’t know how else to explain it. In theory, a show based around Morgan is fantastic, and whilst I liked it – a bit of me still kinda wanted the Madison Clark story. Or hell, even the Alicia Clark story.

And as I said I would happily watch a show based around Morgan, but FTWD isn’t that, and so when they made the fourth season into a Morgan season, it felt different. I kinda wish they just created a new show with Morgan. FTWD was never anything special, and so whether leaving the show as it was would mean I would hate FTWD again I don’t know, but what annoys me most is that I feel the original show should’ve been given another chance. But the season itself is quite good (once again, I binged it so I don’t know how it felt waiting a week to see what the pathetic ‘weak lady’ was doing). But, the season broke all these bonds we have seen been created over the last three seasons, skipped the massive cliffhanger at the end of Season 3 and gave us this weird Madison slow-mo sacrifice. Whilst it definitely changed, it added some truly shocking moments, this season killed off Nick, it killed off Madison, it brought in new, great characters. My only complaint about the season in the sense of something I would have liked to see more of, is that I would’ve liked more interaction with the main three; Alicia, Strand and *click*,*click*.


Onto, my actual review now – I give the fourth season a solid 7.5 out of 10 or a B+.Hell. anything with Morgan will work for me, he is one of my favourite characters, and he leads the show well. The characters they bring in are good, and the season feels very ‘TWD junior’, it feels like the first season of TWD and the fourth season. But. it just feels like I am cheating on the original when watching.


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