After last week’s episode took a break ‘from its usual programming’ to give audiences more information on what was going on, Episode 5 manages to build on it marvellously whilst also finding a way to interweave the strongest aspects of the first three episodes.

Wanda and Vision (now living in an 80s sitcom), are struggling to keep up with their normal babies. Except, Billy and Richard aren’t normal babies, and suddenly age themselves up five years. After neighbour Agnes comes over to help look after the children, Vision starts to realise not all is as it seems.

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“On a Very Special Episode…” is remarkable, and although I thought episode 4 was worth the wait, this episode shows how the rest of the season will play out stylistically, and it is incredible. This is because it sees the return of the sitcom format the first three episodes set out, and also shows the audiences the real world after it was established Wanda is packaging the events of Westview into episodes and broadcasting them.

If last week’s episode was the episode to get audiences back into the groove of things after three very slow initial episodes that whilst were good, were hard to get excited about, this week’s episode is the one to get you hooked on the show and start to complain that you have to wait another week to watch the next episode.

Episode 5 gets better in every conceivable way, and I loved Episode 4, it manages to perfectly balance the ‘Wandavision’ aspect and real life, furthering MCU plotlines like the Sokovia Accords, and giving the audience a discussion on just how powerful Wanda is, revealing an amazing scene in which Wanda breaks into a SWORD facility, actually showing how Wanda was acting in a world she couldn’t control, this also furthered when Wanda decides to have a conversation with SWORD. As well as giving some brilliant character development to Wanda, the episode also develops Monica and Vision – and as the episode progresses, everyone improves. Jimmy, Darcy and Monica become a perfect trio that I hope we see more off.

Image result for wandavision episode 5 monica, jimmy and darcy

Elizabeth Olsen is incredible as she always is, and this episode gives Paul Bettany some real character development to get into, and takes their characters dynamic and relationship to a new and different place we haven’t seen before. Monica Rambeau gets more time to shine as her character, whilst Jimmy Woo and Darcy also thrive and Darcy gets to deliver the best line of the show so far

But, that’s not all that happens in the episode, with there being one final twist. A twist, that has been teased throughout the season and is teased throughout this episode, and an appearance I had assumed would happen, yet, its execution is perfectly pulled off with an incredible surprise.

I can’t wait for the next episode, sadly it’s a week away.


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