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Very rarely have I taken my sweet time to watch a NETFLIX show, usually I would binge the entire series in a day and write a review on it as soon as possible.

With NETFLIX’s Dark, I watched the second season in the span of a week, and I choose not to review it because I wanted to keep it as something that I just enjoy. On many lists, Dark is high on the best TV shows, and I have even heard it be called “a better version of Stranger Things“, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

So, I have been waiting for the third and final season of Dark for a year, and after (again) taking my time watching it, it absolutely did not disappoint. And, I wanted to try an encourage as many people to watch it because I don’t think it gets the recognition it deserves.

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Dark is a German TV show that is centred in the fictional town of Winden in Germany, it centers on a teenage boy named Jonas, whose father committed suicide, as young children are being abducted and it is revealed there is a bigger mystery at hand.

That is all I will say for the synopsis, purely based on the fact I implore any person reading this that hasn’t watched Dark yet, to go into this show as I did, not knowing anything about the show, so they can have their socks blown of as I did.

So, you’re probably asking, why are you writing this review? Well, I needed to shed a light on this incredible show, a show that I can honestly say is the best NETFLIX show I have ever watched.

The story-telling is incredible, the pacing is exceptional, the show makes for easy viewing, and although slightly complicated, Dark does an incredible job in making sure the audience understands what is happening. And, the cast on display is incredible everything from the acting to the decisions of the casting director is perfection.

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The greatest thing about Dark, is how rich the story is, as there isn’t a single episode that you will feel wastes your time. The show asks questions, and then an episode later reveals the answer and moves onto the next mystery.

I have never watched a TV show like it, and I have never watched a better put together show than Dark. It excels in its story-telling, and after setting such a high standard in the first two seasons, and hearing the third season would be its last, I was sceptical in its ability to wrap the story up. But, quite frankly the best episodes are the final two episodes of the third season.

This in a world, where Game of Thrones underwhelms, Dark manages to wrap everything up effectively and deliver almost perfect conclusions to such a massive-scale story. And, as I have said, it is perhaps the best example I have ever seen of concluding a story.

I implore anyone that hasn’t watched Dark, to just give it a go. I promise you will be hooked from the very first episode

Adam Zenasni

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