As I have mentioned (a lot recently) in my posts, I was born in 1999. So, a lot of the films that are being remade or I’ve reviewed were films that heavily impacted my childhood. And in my most humble of opinions (who am I kidding? My opinion is right and I won’t hear anything else on the matter) Mulan is one of the best Disney animated films and has one of the best Disney songs in I’ll Make A Man Out Of You; its entire scene is among the very top. So, as has been the case a lot recently with these remakes: I am very interested to see how this Mulan remake will pan out. I know the movie has taken a different approach to the story, but as I’ve been searching for definitives about it every site says something different, for example some say there will be no singing – and instead the characters will be humming (?) the lines alongside the instrumental. I’ve even heard that there will be nods to the songs as characters will drop the songs name in their dialogue as a wink to the camera. There will also be no Mishu, but a quick look on Wikipedia says he’ll be involved somehow. There is no Li Shang, but instead a new character will be introduced that is meant to take Li Shang’s place. So it’s seems this remake isn’t exactly a ‘remake’

My initial thoughts after watching the trailer was that it definitely shows that this is a different type of film. Whilst it doesn’t show much; it establishes a different tone, almost a war-story and not the animated comedy I excepted to see. Personally, I’m not interested in seeing a war-story Mulan just because it isn’t something that I see as appealing to me. But, as is the case with this live action remakes; Disney knows what they doing and I doubt they will mess it up. The trailer is very well put together though, and I believe its sole purpose is to gain some market research for Disney as reshoots are pencilled in for later this year. It doesn’t confirm anything about the assumptions plus it’s possible the filmmakers introduce songs in the reshoots later this year. The trailer – surprisingly doesn’t show us Jet Li or Donnie Yen; two major actors who are very popular in China.

Which leads me nicely into my next point. As we all know China is a huge movie market, and because of such, a film need not be successful in any other country to be deemed a success. The original animated film was not liked in China and so, this remake had to make changes to appeal to that market. So I understand why they made the changes I just think it sucks that they did. Plus, all I know is I want to hear one of the best Disney song of all time in this goddamn remake ok.

Thanks. That’s that. I’ll leave you with this amazing song:



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