After I was more than happy Disney released an Aladdin trailer to at least tie my blog over until April. Disney then, decided to drop the biggest trailer they had in the arsenal, and forcing me out of the woodwork in order to make a reaction. In the process of doing so, reminding me that Avengers is less than five weeks ago, and reminding me to release my Captain Marvel review (coming Friday). Please do check out my other trailer reactions and let me just get into it.


December 7th. December 7th was the last time I analysed every frame in a trailer; hell I tried in the super-bowl trailer but it was impossible. Ultimately, the one thing to take away from this trailer is: Hawkeye footage = Great footage. No amount of Hawkeye can be a bad thing. If you are familiar with my work you know Hawkeye is the best avenger. And; this trailer just builds the great work the first trailer already did.

In all seriousness though, this trailer is impossible to analyse, because although the trailer shows us a lot, it feels like it isn’t showing us anything. For the past year theories have been flying around and as I said in my reaction to the last Avengers trailer that the people over at Marvel really are geniuses. I liked how this trailer focused on all the original avengers. I really liked one particular scene in which it appears Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man has discovered he is dusted.

We then just get more one-shots that really mean nothing in the grand-scheme of things but look really cool; like the really cool suit walk that might not even make into the final film. And more classic lines for us to repeat for the next couple weeks. I really liked the Rocket/ War Machine shot and I hope that as half of the Avenger roster isn’t there it can allow other characters to shine.

And I have to say this trailer is epic from a character point of view. Showing us scenes that clearly don’t mean much but seem to confirm so much; for example Scott Lang looking lost. But it also shows us some action; so we know something is happening; we get Hawkeye running in some tunnel; Ant-Man flipping on a pencil and Cap strapping up one last time???


So…. yep it has been a couple of weeks and they have released another trailer. So I thought I would just add that reaction in here and mention that I WILL NOT BE WATCHING ANY OTHER AVENGERS: ENDGAME RELATED MATERIAL. I’m hyped; I don’t need to be anymore hyped and I want to experience all three hours in the cinema.



Black Widow. Black Widow is the key; if you are wondering where this all plays out in the film; her hair helps you put a rough timeline on all the events going on in the trailers and when they all link together. Short blonde hair == early on in the movie. The redder the hair gets the later on in the film. I am also able to guess a little more about the premise of the movie now and that’s why I don’t want to watch anymore Avengers content.

The trailer; again does what it is set up for. I am absolutely loving the direction they may be going with Nebula. She’ll only have Tony and I love the shot with her and Rocket and hope that we get some Guardians development in the movie. I’m not a fan of showing us that they get to earth (another reason I will not be watching anymore footage online).  I am again loving Hawkeye and then we have the amazing shot of Cap and Tony which I hope is later on in the movie and then finally, the trinity of Thor, Iron Man and Captain America approaching our first look at Thanos.

I can’t wait




  1. You did a really good job at breaking down the various aspects of these pieces of marketing! Have you gotten your tickets yet? I’ve heard several theater and ticket websites crashed because so many people wanted to purchase tickets. I’ve also heard some people were trying to sell Avengers: Endgame tickets on Ebay for up to $1,000. To me, it all sounds like cinematic history in the making.


    1. Aw, thanks! I tried to book it when everything was crashing and spent a couple hours before I finally got through thankfully!. What I would give to get a pre-screening though😍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So glad to hear that you got tickets! My local theater’s website was crashing as well. However, I was able to get opening weekend tickets! Can’t wait to read your review of the film! 🙂


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