After a very unproductive month where I haven’t posted as much as I would’ve liked. And unlikely saviour has appeared, the X-Men franchise. After all, the very first trailer reaction I made was on the teaser trailer for Dark Phoenix, so it is only fitting that I made one for the new trailer released. The X-Men franchise and I have a very interesting relationship; overtime I become a fan of the franchise; they go and release a film like Apocalypse. I now have no faith in this franchise, and as I said in my last reaction – going of leaks it seems the worst X-Men film will still be better than Dark Phoenix.

I think it will be good if I did a HYPEMETRE for this film after I have watched each trailer in every reaction I do. The HYPEMETRE will be at the end of every reaction.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it; I’m just not sure that choosing the Dark Phoenix story-line is the right way to go for this franchise. We have already seen it (to a disastrous effect) in the Last Stand so I don’t really want to see it again regardless of whether they can make it better. Plus, going off Days Of Future Past; everything will end up being OK.

The producers of this franchise are having major problems. because it seems that they don’t know who they are targeting. All jokes aside; Apocalypse was really poor, but apart from that in recent years they have done really well – with X-Men: First Class and Days Of Future Past and Logan being amazing. But they all focused on three main characters, Professor X; Magneto and Wolverine, this was too great effect with James McAvoy and Micheal Fassbender being able to carry this franchise. But, now Wolverine has left it seemed they tried to put a new star in the centre. And in Apocalypse, they seemed to force Mystique into that position, which was not good enough. Fans and critics saw through the clearly commercial reasons as Jennifer Lawrence was just there to sell this film. And that leads everything back to why did they pick this story-line? Jean Grey does not matter to me anymore, maybe in the past franchise I would’ve cared but she barely had a story-line in Apocalypse and it seems like it is going to go zero to a hundred real quick.

All that aside onto the trailer and it pretty much confirms the only cool thing that the film seemed like it had going for it. POTENTIAL SPOILERS (but considering I didn’t want to know and the trailer spoilt it for me I am feeling extremely petty). I even said in the first trailer that the death made me want to see the film and my interest was definitely peaked as we got to see the fallout with Professor X. Which by the way; if we don’t get to see the way this death impacts Professor X, Magneto and Beast in a sequence that isn’t just five minutes long this film would have done a massive injustice to all characters involved. I was intrigued and I have tried to avoid this spoilers even when the entire film was leaked but this trailer basically just confirms it’s bye-bye Jennifer Lawrence; in a move you have to ask was because people really hated her role in Apocalypse or was because Lawrence didn’t even want to come back in the beginning. Nevertheless the fallout of her death seems the most interesting sub-plot.

However; I think it would be amiss if I didn’t say this trailer had some really cool shots , from Magneto’s gun-fire to pretty much all of Jean Grey’s power up’s and her flying in the sky to all the X-Men in what seems to be handcuffs. I also really appreciated some more screen-time for Storm and hope to it is translated onto the big screen alongside Nightcrawler. I’m not saying much about Jean Grey just because – again; I don’t think much about her just yet. I’ve already seen her story and going of what I’ve seen there isn’t much to get excited about. But, someone I am interested to see more of is whoever Jessica Chastain is playing. I am not sure whether that is because she looks cool in the ten seconds of footage we have seen of her but I want to see more of her.



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