After what I’m sure many of my readers have realised (especially how hard I plugged it last year), this year I will not be making a Reviewbruary season 3. Instead – I will be doing a mini “Reviewbruary: Oscar Season”. For those of you who are completely confused (which I’m sure are none of you 😅), Reviewbruary was a project I made last year. I reviewed a film every day for the entirety of February; because I had really been slacking and…. February is the shortest month😂. I then did a season two in July, where I mixed it up a little – by including other posts that weren’t reviews. Which brings us full circle.

This year; I have decided not to do a season 3; but instead review all the Oscar nominated films in time for my Academy Awards predictions. This is not a Reviewbruary post; just a normal one. You can view my other trailer reactions like Avengers: Endgame, Dark Phoenix and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Today, I will review the trailer for the latest instalment in the Fast and Furious franchise – Hobbs and Shaw. Or otherwise known as F*CK YOU VIN DIESEL.

UPDATE: At the time this is due to be released; the Avengers TV Spot just dropped. Normally, I wouldn’t write a post on something that lasted thirty seconds but the trailer really did get me excited. And – because it will be very short, I have put it at the start of this post.

Wow! I don’t know why I am really excited. I think it because I expected the TV Spot to just be a shorter cut of the original trailer released last year. So; when I saw completely new shots and a new tone – I just knew I had to talk about it. Firstly, I need to point out how they showed all the dusted heroes, truly breaking our hearts. Whilst the shots of what looks like a different world roll in, it is the group theory shots that Captain America finds himself in that really got me excited; it seems like for a while (at the very least) we are going to get to see the direct fallout from the ‘snappening’. Instead of a direct “five years later”, which although seemed to be confirmed in the first trailer, was never really seen. We then get some quick-rapid shots – Nebula and Tony (yes – please), the heroes outside the Avengers HQ, Black Widow shooting, Thor moping; the best Avengers killing Thanos and Captain America showing his old shield. But it is two scenes that top them all, and they both include Rocket. The first shot of him in a door frame; was just great. He has lost everything, he is all by himself and he knows it; it seems he is on a mission. And the second shot is of all five Avengers walking through the halls, and Rocket is confirmed as an Avenger. Wow! How can I live so much in thirty seconds?!

But it did leave me wanting more so I guess I’ll see you in March for trailer two.

The trailer is actually amazing, I have one major problem – but that is embedded in the story and I probably need not say it for you to know what it is. I love the direction and the tone the trailer has, and it is shown in the poster, with Jason Statham’s Shaw in London, with his fast car and in a suit. And Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs on a motor-bike somewhere exotic; showing the contrasting personalities the film will combine. Instead of stating my biggest issue, I’m going to go with what the trailer does well. And that, is everything; I doubt anyone can watch this and say they don’t want to see it. Even though; the premise is stupid, the film just feels so fun. The editing of the trailer makes it look so cool, the three leads are enough to sell any film in any country.

The music choice for the trailer just fuels everything, having the menacing music when the villain is onscreen and then the light music when the heroes are on- screen makes the trailer and shows how the film will be a buddy-cop but also bad-ass. The story seems good (minus one thing) as the villain is no-doubt going to be more than just a one-dimensional villain – Idris Elba looks cool. Plus, it picks up right where the eighth left off, the scenes between Shaw and Hobbs literally gets me more excited.

But, (and yes – there is a big but) I don’t understand what they were thinking. I did a post on how to fix this franchise last year, and I specifically said not to go bigger and what do they do – have a fricking superhero!! I don’t really understand what they were thinking, it was always an un-said thing; the fact that each film is more outrageous than the last but still believable. As soon as we get a superhero in the mix; how am I supposed to relate to that? But a car flipping; hell yeah – Dom could do that. They are lucky that this is a spin-off and so it may work, but I do not even want to hear the words superhero in Fast 9.

Apart from that, the film looks great. It has a sort of Mission Impossible feel to it; which I think will only benefit the film and I know it going to be really well-choreographed as David Leitch is at the realm. Apart from that, in my opinion this film is guaranteed to make a billion, it is coming off one of the biggest franchises this decade, has three of the biggest stars, all of which have proven themselves in different markets – Johnson in America, Elba is Europe and Statham in China thanks to The Meg. This spin-off film might be the bigger than some of the original films, that’ll really annoy Vin Diesel!

I really hope that the is a scene in the film where Shaw turns to Hobbs and goes: “You remember when I said I would kill you all right after I killed Han!, and they laugh about it.



  1. Oddly enough I am probably the least excited person ever for all this. I mean another year of bad franchise films and more Marvel – it made last year rather tedious for me. I mean it’s gotten a bit out of hand now.. for me at least. I realize there are fans all over the world that live for this – but it’s always essentially the same storyline and while I like some of them – it’s just gone over the top for me. I will probably get hand-slapped for saying that. hahahahaha


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