So, it’s been a while since I last posted. And I had already planned what my first post of 2019 would be. But, to my surprise Spider-Man: Far From Home was released and I had to give my reaction on it – especially after (you know) he’s dust. I originally convinced myself there would be hardly any promotional material released for this film by Marvel until after Endgame. But, I (as I will explain) completely forgot that the people over at Marvel are geniuses. This is my third trailer reaction (yep; I didn’t even know you could have a written reaction like this either, but just go with it), the first trailer reaction was for Dark Phoenix and my second was for a little film called Avengers: Endgame.

My reaction to the trailer was very different at first to what it has now become. So I think I will just talk about my initial thoughts for the trailer. I was mainly just confused and shocked by so much in the trailer. First of all, I was confused that Aunt May knew he was Spider-Man, and I wasn’t really a fan that they had gone down that route, and whilst it might work in this second film. I’m not sure how it could work in the third (unless of course Mysterio has something to do with it; which we will get into later). I loved the reappearance of Happy and I really liked his serious line that hinted the film was an evolution for Peter. Of course, they showed him fighting to prove he can be Spider-Man in Homecoming, to not even wanting the option to be him when they go to Europe. That wasn’t the only evolution shown for Peter, I also liked how we were getting to see the beginning of the MJ and Peter Parker relationship. And, boy, was I confused who the baddie or baddies were because I did not believe any of the rumours I heard in the film. And all this mainly happened in the first half of the trailer


And then, (talking about rumours). The trailer switches and we see Nick Fury in one hell of a scene. There was only one rumour I knew would be true and that was Nick Fury. Yet, the biggest shock of the trailer is the fact Marvel showed Fury will have a role to play. I really liked how Fury is going to step into the shoes of his mentor whilst they fight all these monsters and how it seems S.H.I.E.L.D will have a role to play especially after we get a peek at Maria Hill. As explained, I had still have no idea who these villains are and I don’t necessarily think it was the right idea for them to go for the sand looking monster because when I first saw it – I thought was Sand-Man, and it turns out it is not. The trailer looks really cool though, it is very vibrant, new suits look amazing, his friends and the premise seem really cool as well. And I loved the Spider-Man theme mix.

The attention to detail is just amazing. Even the headwear.

And then we get the biggest reveal, we get to see Mysterio, and from everything picture I have seen it looks like they picked him up off the comic book, and that battle they showed looks like it just come of a comic too. They really did do his character justice, and this sequel – at the very least – is visually exciting. The trailer then ended, I composed myself (re-watched it) and was just confused about how Marvel could do something like this, something so stupid/

It, was then – after watching a couple ‘breakdown’ videos, it hit me. Marvel, if anything just confirmed they are geniuses. They have made what seemed like certain spoilers not matter as they have allowed more fan theories. Thereare a million more fan theories instead of just confirming Endgame will have no stakes. People are saying Mysterio is making the entire film up, which I think would be epic, and that reality is terrible but I don’t think this is the case. I definietly do think he is deceiving them all but I don’t think he has faked the entire film. People are even saying it could be what happened when they get dusted (okay, no one is really believing that).Ultimately, it is a great trailer, and somehow, even though I was certain Marvel couldn’t, they have pulled it off.



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