My last couple posts have been me reviewing the entire year and looking forward to the next. I have previewed next year, I have stated my most annoying movie moments of 2018, I have listed films I think will flop in 2019 and films that are on the edge of flopping. So – I hear you; what could you possibly do next? You even did a post reviewing your own 2018 predictions. Haven’t you flogged this dead horse long enough?? Well…… no I have not! Whilst I have done previewed next year I haven’t done any lists of my favourite films or worst films from 2018.

I really wanted to a “worst films of 2018” list and “best films of 2018” list, but the problem is I am too main-stream. You won’t find anything special in the “best films of 2018” list that is radically different to other lists, they are all pretty much the biggest films of the year. And, when it comes to the “worst films of 2018” – well; if I know a film will suck I’m not going to watch it. So, I can’t really do a list of the “worst films of 2018” because I haven’t watched many!! What I do plan to do in my next post is release the “biggest disappointments of 2018”; where I will list the films that let me down the most; of course these are the films I thought would be good but weren’t. So, in this list you won’t find any bad big box office movies as they are the ones I watched and will be included in the next post.



Like I said in my introduction, these are a list of films I haven’t even bothered to watch because I knew they would be so bad. Wrinkle of Time had a really cool trailer, a steallar cast that included Chris Pine; which instantly made me say: ‘oh – that’s what he’s doing now’. But, as soon as I saw the Disney channel affliation I knew this film was going to sink. And, after reading just a little bit of the reaction I knew I was right.



Yeah, that came out this year. Well at least we can say this ‘franchise’ that people only really wanted to see the first film of is over. I really didn’t remember a second was released, and don’t even know the thirds name. Plus, it feels like it has been going on for like six years.



***I tried to choose the most Morgan Freeman expression I could find, but they all look like he is just there to get a paycheck.***. Yeah, same applies as Wrinkle in Time. But, Disney don’t care they’ve made more than enough this year and next year promises to be even more proitable for them. If only Solo: A Star Wars Story didn’t bomb; they would have had the bestest of best year.



It isn’t a list if you don’t have some Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on the list; is it? I mean, he has so many films out, there is going to be one of his films on each of my list. It isn’t as if this film is one of the worst of the year, but it is the one I skipped because I really couldn’t be bothered to watch the same film but this time he has a kid, plus I literally already watched the same Dwayne Johnson film a few months before this was released. Remember? The one with the ape!



I feel really bad for this film. From the trailers I saw this film looked so cool. It feels like we haven’t had a good fantasy film in some time and it seemed as if this would be the one . But a bad release date, and really no hype meant I couldn’t be bothered to see it in the opening date. Is it even out yet? Plus the really bad reaction meant it was a film I knew to skip.



This is just here to remind everyone I knew this film would be terrible.


Again had a good cast but I just didn’t think it would work. I didn’t watch it, but the response wasn’t good and I don’t even think it was released during Halloween. Was that them admitting they couldn’t compete in that month. I don’t know; hope they just retire this character because he isn’t big enough for anyone to want to see a film from. Just the response from the trailer let you know this.



I promise this will be the last time I laugh at this film but honestly is it even out yet??



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