R.I.P. Stan Lee.

I’m not exactly sure what this post will be, I just really wanted to express how big an impact Stan Lee has had on me over the years, literally defining my childhood. I would never have created this blog if I hadn’t watched Avengers: Age of Ultron because I just wanted to rant about it. Furthermore, my blog would be dead and completely out of ideas if I didn’t have a dependable Marvel movie list I could count on to release. (FYI: there are about eight Marvel posts coming out these next four weeks). I don’t think I would be as into movies if f I didn’t have all the great superheros and stories he created. Moving away from what he has done for me,  purely his impact on our pop culture was amazing. As it has been pointed out a couple times, all I seem to do is review and talk about Marvel films and Stan Lee was such a big factor in all that.

But, really I just wanted to pay tribute to Stan Lee, say thank you Stan Lee for all he has done, and say RIP to a great.


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