It is absolutely crazy how much influence The Big Bang Theory has had on my life, and although I really hoped it would end, now that the time has come I really don’t want it too. But, although I love the show and have watched every episode of the show, I among many others agree that the show has lost its way a little bit. And someone who has suffered a lot is Raj, I could do a systemic review of the entire show and to be fair the show hasn’t only had a problem with Raj but also with Penny and Leonard, but I feel like nothing new will be added if I argue that point, I also don’t want to pinpoint the downfall of the show towards Raj and explain The Big Bang Theory could make another 12 seasons and I will still watch it. What I will say is as a fan, I hope they are able to fix Raj and return his character to its peak in its final season. So, I’m going to explain why Raj is a problem The Big Bang Theory hasn’t been able to fix.

I’m not sure when Raj’s character fell into this ditch, I assume it was somewhere between the sixth and eighth season, but Raj is a character the show hasn’t really been able to sort out. Most people are going to come into this and say it’s because he is single, or it’s because they have turned him into something pathetic. But all of those things are wrong, in fact him being single is the only real saving grace for his character in the seasons where TBBT really wasn’t that great. Having him be the butt of all jokes however has weakened his character. But, Raj is a character that the show hasn’t always really know what to do with. He couldn’t talk to women, that was his main story-line. When he could, he basically became Howard’s nanny and they brought in Stuart as someone who would fight Raj for Howard. And by doing this, it sort of turned Raj from a main character into a supporting character and weakened him

The problem with Raj is they have never followed through with his character, he wants to be independent but he never really struggles, it just always seems his character development is second in the show and that means that later on he doesn’t really feel like a main character. We always get emotional character development from Sheldon, Amy and Leonard but hardly any from Raj. The fix is that simple, just give him some emotional impact on the story, similar to how Sheldon ran away for a while, just let Raj have some glory. That all being said, the start of the final season has started to fix some of these issues, giving Raj some character development and allowing him to play off his fellow characters as they don’t agree with his arranged marriage.

I really hope they fix him and I already know this final season will be great

Adam Zenasni

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