Season 5 for Arrow was its salvation. So let me explain why season 5 of The Flash will also save the show.

Day 29

Everyone loves Flash for the same reasons, but when it comes to its story I believe the Flash is at its best when it dabbles in time-travel; it all stems from there – the fun of the show is arguing about what will happen. With the season 1 finale everyone was shocked. Season 3 went overboard I mean really overboard and since flash point (which still hasn’t been explained) we have got a different Barry. All DC shows follow a similar map if you say. they all aim to shock; Arrow only has three ways to do that; let the villain win, kill someone off (RIP Laurel and my man Quentin) or expose Oliver for who he is (which is why Season 7 will be hard as they are never going to be able to keep this a viable stake meaning only killing people off are left and….. RIP Diggle); all of these are things that keep Arrow entertain; that and the fight within Oliver – the fight of whether to kill or not – season 3 and 4 were the weakest for this and this is why they just felt unbearable [also note: this is when they forced Olcity drama and the same has happened to Iris], season 5 came and was more grounded; and grounded means continuing this fight (from a story point) and it brought in a villain that preyed on Oliver’s internal fight to kill or not. Season 6 followed this up with another fight from within; one of trust. The Flash cannot do this. The reason everyone loves Flash is because it is light-hearted, fun, quirky, different, but as soon as we see Barry moping about time travel then it turns into something else – it becomes too much drama something The Flash has prided itself as not. It becomes just like Arrow which is not refreshing at all especially considering from between Season 3 and 4 we all jumped ship from Arrow to The Flash (don’t act like you were keeping up to date with Arrow). The Flash on the other hand; can shock the audience in more ways; the normal three, and then some which includes different earths and time-travel. So you may be thinking I clicked here to ask why will the Flash season 5 be good. And I think that is because we will get to see more time-travel

So as long as they don’t sort out the Nora situation in five episodes or one and then go onto to tease a masked villain that will only actual have any relevance in the finale season 5 could be great.

And as for how to keep DC Legends of Tomorrow great; never stop the creators from taking EVERY SINGLE DRUG



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